Thinking of selling your old work vehicle? Don't let this be you:

Don’t assume the new owners will take care of the lettering.

Here’s the story: Texas Plumber’s Ford Truck Ends up with Terrorists -

Mark 1 Plumbing - 24 hour sociopath service.

I saw this on the news too ! I was telling my wife that the buyer of the land cruiser we sold 6 years ago , told me he was sending it to the Middle East . So yes I wonder too?

Why should I choose u over the competition? because if u will not I will blow u

This is what will happen if you give me a 1 star !!!

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I feel bad that some idiots were actually calling and threatening them. But the publicity has earned them 26 Google reviews, all positive…

Ok, ok! I’ll pay you $500 to unclog my toilet!

Atlas Window Cleaning
North Carolina

I just saw this vehicle story on my local TV news station being reported two minutes ago.

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You left out "up " your scaring me !

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A good friend of mine is in the car business and he is at 3 different auctions a week, NJ, PA and NY. Hes told me for years anything with high miles and 4 wheel drive going through an auction usually gets scooped up a purchaser that ships it to the middle east. Once they are on a boat in international water, the odometers are turned back and they are gone. For the most part anything you trade into a new car dealership ends up in an auction.

I had an old beat up Pathfinder for a few years and he let me know that when I was ready to sell it that he would bring it to the auction and a month later it would have a hole in the roof and a machine gun mounted.

Dis is what I call a win/win sit’uation and when I’m done work I will go tend to my bitches

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