This is how I roll

Since I got 15 views and not one response, let me rephrase. If you are going to use a vehicle that is mostly associated with passenger use, do you prefer magnetic signs or vinyl letters? I am thinking of ordering the magnetic signs below but also considering just lettering it up. I’m concerned though about it looking odd with vinyl letters. Any opinions?

Realtors typically have a passenger-type vehicle with magnetic signs, for example. Seems common-place to me.

Sorry – my perspective is as the user of a full-size cargo van with the magnetic signs I made for when I used my Toyota Land Cruiser…

I use the magnetics all the time. I have a few sets that have different fonts and colors depending on my mood for the day. some get more attention than others depending on the vehicle. I roll in a brown F-350, my signs are yellow with black lettering. I use my truck for more than just work so it is important to have the option to remove them. Just a tip if you go with the magnetics…put baby powder on the back of them. it helps getting them off if you leave them on to long and keep your rig clean. we get a lot of sand out here and it likes to stick behind the sign and scratch the truck.

Why forsake the advertising opportunities?

Well there is the occasional date with the wife or family vacation. Things of that nature. Pretty much any trip out of state they come off. Although that is not often…that is how I found out about the baby powder trick. left them on so long I could not get them off. I didn’t know that a little rain/sun/heat and time would pretty much weld them to my truck. :cool:

Why not just buy another vehicle for pleasure… That is what i did

hey I’m thinking of picking up a tacoma. I currently have a scion xb, aka-“the toaster car”, and it actually works nice. has it’s down moments, so getting a nice used tacoma for work will be nice. and I’ll wrap that sucker with vinyl. it’s done pretty cheap in Fl to get it wrapped.
I swang the tacoma way because of the usage of it, and the fact that it doesn’t suck gas like a $2 hooker.

whatever you do, don’t paint on your vehicle! I saw some dude that said something like “Joe’s window washing” painted on. looking at that guys truck made me want to take a shower.

whatever you do, look presentable :slight_smile:

Hi Scott Welcome to the forum! We have some things in common. I sent you a PM… Glad you’re here.

I saw a guy last week, who had the lettering professionally painted on the vehicle and had magnetic blanks the exact color of his vehicle to cover them,
IMO it looked pretty good both ways

My kids and wife won’t all fit in a Corvette.

I thought musicians all piled into vans…

The exhaust is broken and the fumes that come through the holes in the floor make us all sick before we get to the gig. With a Corvette I don’t have to help anyone move. :slight_smile:

I use to have magnetics, before I saw the metal get pulled through the paint. Also it was a real pain lining the magnetics up everytime I washed the vehicle - & I wash it a lot! When water gets behind them - they start rusting.

I would go with whatever you can afford - wrapping being the most expensive. The real signage looks a whole lot better than mags for sure.

I totaled my Mom’s Husband’s (then boyfriend) Corvette back in High School. I took the keys while they were out of town. Ahh… good times, good times.

My Dodge Dakota Quad Cab is used for business and personal. I put magnets on it when I use it for business and take em off when I’m hauling the family.

What’s your pleasure vehicle, Doug? I got me a 1990 Jeep Wrangler that I tinker with. Looks like a CJ now.

Ha! Seth thats sounds like something out of a bad 80s movie…

I have a 2007 Toyota Tundra

I love my Tundra. I use full color magnets. Just make sure if you’re using magnets, or any sign for that matter, that you’ve got a commercial auto insurance policy…

Kevin said he was getting some extra large magnets, that covered entire panels. That would seem like a pretty cool idea, the look of a wrapped vehicle, but being able to remove it.

I don’t use any magnets on my Tundra, that is my play vehicle, But my work truck is all tricked out with vinyl stickers…