This made me laugh


“You’re right, I must be slipping. It should have been $90 more, Thanks for the catch!”

Nevermind the fact that it costs about $20 for 3 drinks and a bag of ice to stay hydrated and cool.

Do you want lunch? That’ll be another 15$…

These people need to get it in their heads that this isn’t 2017. Inflation is well into 30-40% more when it comes to certain commodities.

And I don’t care what some paid shill on TV says…we are ALREADY IN “recession”.

reminded me of this guy last month

I give him his home’s rates which also shows discounted rates for a service program

he kept saying, you’re soooo close to the other bid i have, im not sure who to pick, i just need to “clarify” that if I have in and out done the price is “X” right? - yes if you want a service a program, otherwise the price is “Y” - oh no, i don’t want a program - ok, the price is “Y” - let me get back to you

he did this several times, kept leaving messages, call me back, i just want to clarify something

Dude, what dont you understand that i’ve already told you 3 times and is in print right in your face??

nice try, “you’re so close, i dont know who to pick” give me a break - Buh Bye!

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