Those in the Midwest interested in meeting up

There is a Midwest Window Cleaners & Power Washers FB group that I am apart of and recently there has been discussion about putting together some type of get together, etc. for those of us in the Midwest. Nothing has been determined but the idea has been brought up and sparked interest. I don’t know if it would happen this winter, next summer, next winter… but if you are in the Midwest might be interested in something like that let me know and I can add you to the FB group or whatever.

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Will a lot of clean be there ? Lol

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where abouts kyle? if there is no wall built yet i might be able to come.

I figure we invite them, then take them to a dark alley and take care of business

Nothing has been decided. Just a lot of interest about having some time a Network event, maybe having a couple sponsors… somewhere kinda center in the midwest

Here is a link to the group and thread if anyone would like to get involved

what don’t i know?

it’s a kansas city window cleaner inside joke…

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Midwest Networking Event Update:

Wanted to let the group know a few things
#1. We have had a good amount of interest in putting together something. So far 30+ people have expressed interest in going to a group either on here or through PM

#2. We are currently trying to nail down a location and venue to host the event. Majority of the people so far that have expressed interest live in the Missouri/Illinois areas.

#3 When is it? We are looking toward the end of winter dates. We do not want to conflict with any other events in the industry and want to have it before everyone starts to get busy.

#4 What is going to be there? So far we have had a few vendors in the industry express interest in attending and sponsoring. There may be more as this continues to grow. Those will be officially announced later. We are putting together content for the event to be shared as well. We DO NOT want this to be a “Drive for 4-5 hours and hear about fabricating debris” event. From what has been expressed to me so far is topics and information that focus on building bigger, better, and stronger businesses. My vision is to hopefully have credible business owners in our industry speak on certain aspects of how they excel in growing their companies. Topics could be (marketing/branding, hiring/employees, growth, customer service, etc)

Michael Draper and myself seem the be the ones putting this event on. If you have any feedback, it would be appreciated.

If you want to find out more about what’s going on, join the FB Group:

sounds good but i’m too far, 1300 km

only 807.78 miles…

lol holy crap! you’re right, it’s much closer if i travel by miles!!! but hang on, my odometer only goes in klm, i’ll have to buy a usa car.


Your funniest post yet Ken! :smile:

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Wait I think @Kyle is using that bait and switch trick here…

Hmmm thats pretty crafty i got to say :wink:

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I live in Indiana and would attend if not on a Saturday…

Been super busy ahs wish I can get out there someday. If you ever try to put something together in the East coast I’ll be ready.:slight_smile:

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