Thread of the month contest

We are going to do a little thread of the month contest. Every month I will give away 1 prize from our store nothing major, just something with about a $25 value. The winner will be based on who comes up with the most helpful, unique post. And yes I will ship to Canada for this contest.

For April 08 we will give a way a scrapermate. Good Luck!

I nominate every thread of mine.

Let me know if you need my shipping address…

i need one of them scrapemates lol I ruined my scraper holder today actually lol

How will the top thread be judged?

Hey Eric

I’m gonna judge by the seat of my pants… Ill pick the post that appeals to me the most nothing formal… Just whatever I think is the most helpful to other Window Cleaners. I will also most likely give it to the person that started the thread. maybe a more appropriate title is “Best thread starter of the month”

LOL…you took the words right out of my mouth…:slight_smile: