Three man crew in a van

I was wondering how you who use vans run a three man crew. I have a van (Econoline 150) that I’m setting up for service and it only has two seats. I could add a third seat but I’m not sure about the safety factor in a crash. Any ideas?

Better than sitting on a 5 gallon flipped over bucket between the two seats, which I had to do many moons ago.

We put a beach chair sideways behind the steel partition on the driver’s side.

Google Econoline jump seat

ive bolted thru the floor2 car front seats into the rear of my van ,then added seatbelts with proper fixings

We have a trailer seat, nobody likes to use it though.

I had an E350 Chateau model for a number of years, just so I could fit 3 or 4 in it. It wasn’t the most convenient for storage, though.