Throw marketing out the window...(jk)

We talk alot about marketing and how to optimise our sales on this forum.

Over the past few months though i have realised that the most successfull and awarding way to obtain new business is…

Wait for it…

[SIZE=“5”][FONT=“Impact”]Customer referrals[/FONT][/SIZE]

Thats the key for a sucessful business, a business which will not require much marketing.

So do a good job out there and it will really pay off…

Its free, it doesn’t take up any of your time…basically customer referrals Rock.

p.s looking forward to wcr nation on thurs…that also rocks

I agree with ya…

I agree and disagree.

Thats because you are a rookie homie…

Depends on why Matt disagrees Doug. Chris still uses traditional marketing methods as well as referrals and I would hardly consider him a rookie. You however are a ONE MAN SHOW and earn over $100,000 per year (according to you). Which means you are not capable of adding very many (if any at all) clients to you busy schedule so advertising your business makes no sense. If you wanted to grow your business to the size All County’s, referrals (which I agree are AWESOME) alone simply would not cut the cheese.


Hey Doug, how long have you been in business?

2 years part time

3rd seson full-time

just got off the phone with Doug from Starbrite, very cool guy with some very solid advice.

to each his own, and different strokes for those folks…I understand what y’all are saying.
Doug, at any point did you market at all??? If so when or why did you stop??
You do manly Res right, any commercial?

It was nice talking with you too Doug.

When i 1st went into business i did the flyer thing and door to door.

on my 3rd year in business i advertised in the pennysaver. then i seo’d my website and have not paid for advertising since 2006.

Was this a one time thing? I would imagine in a busy market you’d still need to tweak here and there.

Yes sir, it was a one time thing…

how many calls do get from your website a day you think???

ahh, never mind

I would say on average, about 6 calls per day, i close about 95% of all calls by giving an over the phone bid…

With that closure rate, perhaps it’s time to experiment with raising prices.

I dont need to change my prices, i am happy with my current prices right now…

btw, i am one of the highest priced window cleaners in town besides Terry’s window cleaning, i think he charges $10.00 per window

Good point, I have been thinking the same thing for my business, my prices are the same as Doug from Starbrites, and I close a very high percentage as well. I can’t speak for other Doug, but for me I’ll be honest, the main reason I haven’t upped price is FEAR. I know I can land the job (90% of the time) if I charge $8.50 per window (double hungs)
As an excersize for myself I’m gonna bid my next Resi job at $9.50/window and see what happens.

I will keep the $8.50 rate for my regular customers though (for now atleast)