I have always used my normal window cleaning solution and a t-bar to clean screens. I just heard about using Tide. How many of you use Tide and how much do you mix with a gallon of water? Thanks.!

What are the benefits of using Tide?

On occasion I use Tide with Bleach Alternative to clean screens.

I’ve used the Tide w/ Bleach alternative before w/ good results. I’ve also used carpet cleaning chemicals w/ great results. When I do a deep cleaning on screens I use the technique that a member of this forum told me about (Thanks Lance!!) which is to use hot water w/ you chemical, scub (w/ a truck brush or similar) on a flat surface, do a few at a time then flip the stack and do the opposite side, rinse and allow to dry. We have found this to give the best results on those screens that have been terribly neglected.

I use Tide w/bleach alternative for insect and solar screens; it works GREAT! As, Tony said; thanks Lance!
I use about 1 ounce per gallon of water, a bit more for solar screens that are really dirty. Of course we have REALLY hard water here so I probably have to use more than some of you.
Scrub each side in two directions with a soft scrub brush on a pole; I do this in the driveway and then rinse with a fan spray pattern nozzle.
Solar screens can take a while to dry. On a few occasions I’ve had to come back the next day to reinstall them.
I only wash screens this way if the customer wants it, and pays for it.
Otherwise, I just dry brush the screens. If the customer isn’t sure what they want I’ll dry brush a screen and wash a screen and let them choose; so far everyone has opted for the washing.

It works well and smells good too. I have also used the “coldwater” tide which seems to work a little better. Because I always rinse the screens, I like to mix it pretty soapy, usually about half a cap per gallon of water, a little less if not too dirty. On solar screens I use a leaf blower to blow off the water, cuts dry time to almost nothing.

Help me here, Tony.
When do you use Screen Magic, and when would you use Tide or other option?

What are the advantages of using Screen Magic over everything else? Can you justify the expense? Does it save that much time?
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OK Vic here’s what we do. If they have casement screens most of the time they aren’t that bad so I use SM after a light brushing. It takes 1/4 of the time it would to do a deep cleaning. Since I buy my SM 5 gallons at a time (in gallons or the new concentrate) the cost is less than $0.40 per screen. Since I factor that cost in when doing the bid I am offering a more complete service (thanks to Seth F. for getting me to think about it that way) it is very cost effective. When dealing w/ double hungs or sliders w/ exterior screens that haven’t been cleaned in years I recommend the deep clean because I may need to do more than one application of SM to effectively do the job and then it’s not as cost effective for me. Of course I’m going to charge around $4 per screen for the deep cleaning. I will say I’ve done some pretty nasty screens w/ SM and they turned out great so it’s a matter of trial and error as far as what is on the screens in your area.

That a matter of opinion! :slight_smile: