Tight fitting screens

I did a new semi annual customers home today for the first time. I believe these were Milgard windows. The screens were inside on the casement windows with four plungers. The problem was that they were just a tad oversized. I was able to get them off but for the life of me I could not get them back in place with a little half inch bow in the middle on the long edge.

I dont know if the person that put them in had some sort of trick or what. The screens are not damaged in any way and the little bow is not permanent.

I wonder if anyone has come across this problem and if there is some trick to getting tight screens like these back in flat.

I may call Milgard for their advice and if I get any good information I will share it.

Thanks in advance.

Milguard built these in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy and all others before and after. I have seen this problem so many times with Millguard screens. There is no good reason other that what I stated before that would explain why they make the screns fit/not fit so tight. What makes it even worse is that they also use plastic corners that will break after a few years in the sun.

The only good side to this is that I rebuild screens. I have had to cut some screens down to a size that fits so that they could be put back in. I have also pulled the spline, removed the mesh, cleaned the window and re-screened in place in order to clean the window.

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just bend’em

You just have to master “The Bump”, getting one side in and then giving the other corner a little tap. Also if the tap doesnt solve it, I usually use my pocket knife as a wedge, but a putty knife would probably be a safer sliding tool, I just always have my pocket knife on me so it is handy for popping screens out or sliding back in.

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[SIZE=3]This is the tool we use to get those tight fitting screens out.

You can flex the screen frame without bending it.[/SIZE]

What materials did you use to make this tool Man? I need one.

For Houses that have tight screens i use a screwdriver works every time.

Yeah I use a screwdriver also. How many times I have slipped and wooops there goes the screen. What about bending a small hook on a pocket screwdriver about the size of the thickness of a screen. And grind the screwdriver shank more flat. May try this. Or heat up an old putty knife red hot and make a small bend to slide under the screen. Any thoughts?

You can bend a thin putty knife pretty easy if have a vise and a hammer, just clamp end of blade (about 1/8") and tap the blade with the handle side up, as close to a 90 degree as you can get.


Here is a link to see a picture about half way down the page.

The bent putty knife trick works well for me.

Tight screens typically slide easily into place using a flexible putty knife braced against the frame.

I use them in pairs at corners of tight screens.

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I use a paint can opener that I have ground a little thinner. With milgard windows try inserting your tool at the bottom rather than the side. There is usually not enough room at the side to insert a tool.

Thanks for the feedback. It is not a problem getting them off or on though it is getting them flat as they are too big.

You can’t bump it in if you are on the 2nd floor.