Tilt in Double Hung Logistics

A lot of my residential here in Oklahoma have double hung tilt in windows. What have you all found to be the best way to clean the interior? Clean top window exterior-then come inside and clean top bottom interior then fold in to do the bottom exterior upside down?

Tilt in windows we try not to use that tilt function many of the styles are so cheap they can be damaged easily it much easier to do the outside from the outside and inside from the inside


I have to second jhans opinion.

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Almost never tilt them in. I do a much better job on frames and sills from a ladder. I carry a painters brush to get rid of all the cob webs and such outside. Can’t do that if you’re inside the house.

I will tilt both top and bottom in at the same time…clean outside of the top and put back up, then bottom, then insides of both. If it’s ground floor I don’t tilt because it’s slower.

I assess each situation before I decide to tilt or not to tilt.
But when I do, it’s top outside, top inside, bottom outside, bottom inside.


For logistics, if you’re already outside cleaning the top pane, just go ahead and clean the bottom pane outside as well. Tilting will slow you down.

The only time I tilt, is when access is an issue. When I have to tilt, I clean with gravity. Clean the top out and in, then the bottom.

Maybe I mispoke I meant double pane single hung where just the bottom folds
in and only the bottom has a screen. So before you clean the outside you do
you all go inside to remove the screens?

Only tilt when we have too. If we do tilt we tilt in both. Bottom then top, clean top exterior and close. Clean lower sash exterior, close and proceed to clean the interior of both panes. Don’t over complicate the process, work to save yourself time and energy. Be we prefer to WFP exterior 90% of the time in residential.



It’s good to see you around here!
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That’s one of the reasons I prefer to clean inside first. That way you can remove or loosen the screens as part of your interior process.


Jeff you’re just the man. I meant single hung double pane. That’s the same
process I’ve been using. Do you ever take the screens off (the ones that
only remove from inside) do inside windows then wfp the outside. Also what
channel grip you using?

Yes at times we remove screens and use traditional and wfp. All depends on job, this one today only had 3 to ladder or use wfp so just tilt and go.

I, along with 2 other employees, use a ledger daily. Others choose Sorbo and swivel handles. 80% of our work is commercial with deep frames. We don’t carry a wide variety of tools on us. My daily bucket has 1-18" squeegee, 1-18" applicator that’s it, simple.

Many different preferences to be used, we joke about what we each use most days at some point.

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I started window cleaning when I was 15 for my buddies dad who used to
clean in New York. I’ve only used ettore backflips. Slowly adding more
tools but backflips are my bread and butter

Thanks Steve, its been a busy 2017 and now 2018 isn’t looking any different! lol Hope you are ding well too :sunglasses:

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