Tint Scraping

Hey Guys and Gals!!

I have a question for some of you out there. We at All County have done some tint removal in the past but on a very limited, small scale. I went to take a look at a Dodge dealership near us to provide them with a quote for removing some tint from quite a few windows. I have an idea as to what I want to bid this at but thought I’d get some input from anyone on the boards that does this regularly. There are about 35 panes that need tint removed. The majority are the size of the panes in the top row of the attached pic below, about 4’ wide x 10’ high. It will require interior lift work so that cost will be built in. Just thought I’d throw this out to anyone who has or does provide this service more regularly then us. Thanks in advance!!

By the way, this happens to be an old account of ours. We provided service for them here, as well as at three or four other locations for quite some time. They discontinued service a while back as they were cutting costs. Based on what I believe I will be bidding I feel they will most likely pass on my bid for removing the tint. However, they are interested in simply a thorough one time window cleaning in lieu of the removal. Hope to turn them around and once again make them a recurring customer once again but we’ll figure that out another time. Once again, it’s all the second level windows across the front and a handful of other one’s on the left and right side.

Thanks again everyone!!

I don’t know if I do it alot but I do remove tint about once a month. Just due to the smell and work involved I tend to charge alot. I normally I will charge $45 for your average res. window. Commercial I will do it for $45-85.00 depending on size. Add that and a lift and the price gets hefty. I just don’t like doing it unless I have to so I try to charge and make it worth for me.

Forgot to mention my price would be $45-85 per window.

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I hate removing it if its been in the sun - it super-glues itself to the windows.
1 man - 2 days if you’re lucky.
Best way is to test piece a section & see what happens. It could be an easy one, but the rest aren’t usually the same. Get waivers for everyone & their dog.

what method do you plan on using to remove it? just a plain razor, amonia, ect??

The tint company I used to work for would charge between 1-2 dollars per sq ft. For just whats in the picture on the 2nd floor figure like this:
4’ x 10’ x 13 panes = 520 sq ft x $2(lift work & it looks like old tint) =$1040 + lift rental and tax

This will probably take 2 guys a solid day to remove. If you can, try to have the lift delivered the night before and have you’re guys go in and bag up the windows and set over night, the next day it should scrape off a lot easier maybe even in one piece if your lucky. Tint removal sucks for the most part, sometimes it goes awesome and you make bank, other times you kick yourself for starting the job in the first place. Tell the dealership that the tint makes it look like their not even open. I once tinted a dealership and they called back a year later to have it removed for this reason…we won twice.

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We will, most likely, be using ammonia.

Thanks for the input guys!! I’d imagine they will pass on this seeing that they cut us loose to save money on a monthly window cleaning at $250.00. They will hopefully at least go with a window cleaning, which if only a one time will be substantial, so I can show them the benefit of having us in regularly and the money they can save and hopefully get them back on as a recurring customer.

For you guys that have used it, do you guys think that Oil Flo would work?

You’ve probably already thought of this, but make sure you account that you’ll have to cover the bottom windows to prevent any chemicals from dripping on to them, as it looks like the bottom windows are tinted as well.

Also, it would make the job a lot easier (and a good use of down time) if you scheduled it on a rainy day, or even at night. You won’t have to fight the sun.

Do they plan on replacing the tint?

I’ve never used Oil Flo, sorry Alex.

I don’t know if they plan to replace the tint but I factored everything into my bid on this. We will be using ammonia so I told them we should really do it on a Sunday when they are closed to avoid any complaints by staff. We’ll see how it goes/if they even accept my bid, I’ll let you guys know.

Don’t forget your mask and make sure the filters are for ammonia. some are and some arn’t and home depot doesn’t know how to keep either one on different hooks. Chemical burns in your lungs is not fun.

Great idea Scott. Infact, it may not be a bad idea to use gloves too, since the workers hands will be exposed to a high concentration for a long period of time…

Not to mention ammonia can strip waxed floors.

I would suggest wetting the windows down with ammonia, and then applying sheet plastic over the tint to prolong the dwell time…

No - it would remove some, but its not really that agressive to move large amounts quickly.

Thanks Dude.

I remove lots of tint in various conditions for various reasons. Here is the method that works best. You will need some sort of plastic. I use the poly film liner from a previous job. Paint stores sell a 1 or 2 mil plastic drop. Thinner is better. Spray the window with soapy water, place the plastic on the window and smooth out bubbles with your hand. Let it sit for a few hours. Having sun on the glass helps. You want to have heat build up on the glass. The water will soak thru the film and soften the adhesive. Some films are multi layered and the top layer will peel easily and leave a stubborn layer behind. Soak this layer too. Scrape the remaining film and adhesive with a new 6 inch triumph scraper. Don’t try to use the whole blade. Get about half of the blade on clean glass and the rest on the film and scrape. Clean and change blades often. Sometimes you will need a heavy duty degreaser to cut the adhesive. I strip one or two houses aweek here. Lots of people learn tue hard way that you pay for what you get.

Use a heat gun. Set it on high. it will soften the tint in seconds and will liquify the adhesive. Start in a corner. Hold the gun about 8 inches from the tint. You will see the tint soften. Use your 1" scraper to pull the corner up. Keep the gun moving up and down and stay about 6" out in front of your peeling. It will take most of the glue off too. Once the tint is off, mop window with soapy water and scrape with your triumph or trim 10. No harsh chemical exposure and no smell circulated throughout the facility via HVAC.

Try it once

Doug I used Black plastic bags because the sun would heat it more quickly; Have you tried doing the same technique with BLACK Plastic? Have you tried Amonia and water instead of soap and water…? Do you think soap and water work just as good as ammonia, because it worked great for us but if I could get the same results with soap and water then huhhh I’d switch in a sec. (Only removed tint one time: successful yes but I enjoy my lungs so I’m still looking for better ways)

Bumle bee I might have to start giving you a percentage of revenue for all the great ideas I’ve learned from your posts… Please advise on where to get good HEAT GUN, taylored for tint removal. Is there any danger of damaging the window with a heat gun…? (In other words: what not to do to prevent damage to glass)

Black is a great idea! I’m trying it next removal.