Tip $$$$$$

Im so happy man i got a 100 dollar tip today after i serviced a roof in Bainbridge island doing roof cleaning. There wasn’t any moss this time but he had so much debris on his home,garage,& shed. Pine cones,leaves, and a whole lot of pine needles on a three story home. Im syked what day !!!

Biggest tip i got was $50.00 which was a nice way to end the day.

I know it seems weird, but as a business owner, I don’t accept tips.

If I get a tip, and there’s a helper, they get the tip.

Why is that Chris? What if you’re by yourself? I at first decline a tip but if they keep insisting on it I will accept it and next time I service them I will either give them some discount or do something for free that doesn’t take a lot of time, at which point they will tip again lol

If I am on the job and currently I always am, I split the tip evenly with the crew. We run it through their pay check so all the taxes get taken care of and they don’t need to worry about it at the end of the year. My biggest tip was while working solo. A nice $150.00 suprise on a window cleaning.

$1500! How big was the job?

Giving 100% of the tip to your helper is awesome! You might want to reconsider refusing it if you work alone. A wise man once said that “there is more happiness in giving than in receiving.” If you don’t allow the tip-giver to get the happiness of giving, then you are stealing their opportunity for it. Take it graciously and then go find an opportunity to get your own happiness from giving. It really is a Win-Win situation.

oops. I added one extra zero. It was a $150.00 tip

My biggest was $100 and it was on a fairly small job. I get only a couple tips a month most times. Seems very sporadic. However this week I got 2 tips. A $20.00 and a $10.00. If I am working with my helper, I split it with him.

mean 150.00 I wish 1500 dollar tip was possible…maybe…lol

Tips really make make a statement about your company. Means a whole lot to me when a customer goes out of there way to add more on top of the deal it shows there appreation for tyour quality services ushally

First Resi job I ever did I got a $65.00 tip both the client and myself were pleased with the job but I think it was a mercy tip as the job took me a couple hours longer than expected.

I’ve had those. Pretty humbling.

Thought I would throw this out there…

Finished a house today. I had 2 guys helping me.

$500 tip. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Congrats nice way to end a week getting a nice fat tip.

Kevin, you should write a sequel to $600/hr called “$1,500 Tips” sounds like u already have a great market for such a book.

Used to clean grocery store floors. My clients would say ‘what you find on the floor is yours’. Found a $100 one night. That cheered me up…kind of a tip.

Is that typical of Bainbridge Island residents?
I just got a call from a fellow who moved from there to the Catskills, NY. I’ll be doing his windows in a couple weeks.