Tips: do you get them?

Three jobs in a row. $4 tip; $20 tip; $40 tip. So they say things happen in three’s - Fourth job no tip. It was fun while it lasted. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the tips! Sometimes I receive tips. Every little bit helps. I consider it my gas money!

Ok who is the wise guy that gave ya the $4 tip. Jk. That’s just a weird amount to give someone. Unless it was just left over change .
Better than nothjng I guess !

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HAHA…I know, right? It was change left over, but it all adds up. Like Chad says, gas money. I also lost a long time customer who is selling her home and moving into a condo; she is taking me out to dinner to make up for it…LOL Guess I could tack that on to the tips received category too?

Personally, I don’t like getting tips.
(but my guys sure do) :rolleyes:

Which is strange, because [B][U]I tip EVERYBODY![/U][/B]

I couldn’t wait for a tip topic to come up because I was to lazy to make my own topic post. So thank you op.
I got the biggest tip I have ever gotten the other day I was like rub my eyes shocked. $250 tip on a $200 job. I was like holy $&@". I almost called to see if there was a mistake but there was a little note on the check that said I added a little extra because I appreciated it so much. So I was like OK. And after I stopped jumping up and down. Said that’s awesome.

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Yeah some people like to give more. Some people think we deserve more for the work we do. $50 bucks to them is a drop in the bucket but to us it’s a hard earned paycheck…

No u didn’t get it the check was for $450 for a $200 job.

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I’m waiting for someone to chime in and say, “you aren’t charging enough if you are getting tips”! But I’ll tell you I get my fair share of tips and not everyone can afford to have me clean their windows.

I have one customer that regularly tips my employee $5. It’s just the rounded-up part on top of the invoice. It’s funny how big of a deal $5 is to a 20-year-old kid. It makes me happy for him, but it reflects well on my company too. The shop owner thinks he is awesome and takes care of him every month.

Yeah, I like cash tips, but the noncash stuff just rocks in my book. Whether free food, free drinks, or this super sweet leather broyhill chair I’m sitting in… Lady was like “you want a chair?” and I was like “whaat?” and in her garage was this sweeeet leather chair and ottoman. Looked brand new. Apparently it didn’t go with her interior design. So heck yeah I took it.

Ill have to admit , I don’t get to many tips . Maybe 1 out 5 clients ? Usually $20, or $50 . The most I gotten was $100

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I get quite a few tips. Several storefront customers tip every time, usually rounding up to the nearest 5 or 10. $15 storefronts that take 5 or 7 minutes, they’ll hand me a twenty and say thanks, I don’t need change. That’s pretty nice.

But Resi is where the big tips come from. I got $130 from one customer a couple weeks ago. Will get $100 tips 2 or 3 times a year. And a lot more in the $20-$50 range.

And as [MENTION=3851]Wagonhound[/MENTION] mentioned, [U]it’s not because we don’t charge enough[/U] :slight_smile:

I rarely get tips if I go out on the jobs, but they will tip my guys, I had a kid working for me who looked like he was 12 and some weeks he would come back with $100 tips a day. One week he made over $600 in tips. We started teasing him asking what he was really doing for the money. Those little old ladies loved his baby face and he would sing the whole time he was working.

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Years ago, we had a customer who got their exterior windows cleaned every month. Fairly large home, but super easy to clean since it was every month. The job paid very well too. But like clock work, about half way through the cleaning, Robert, the homeowner would come out with his root beer and a fat roll of $20’s and give each of us one. Regardless of how many guys we had on the job each got a $20 every time. I would tell him it wasn’t necessary, but he would smile and say “Andrew, shut up and take the money. Happy hour is on me!” This played out for years.

One day Robert comes out and gives all three of us a crisp $100 bill each. I tell him no way can we accept this and he says “Don’t worry man. You guys work hard. Now go play hard on me.” He smiles and walks away.

I get a call from his wife three weeks later informing me that Robert passed away earlier in the week. He’d had pancreatic cancer. Diagnosed, doctors gave him no more than 6 months. He proved them incorrect as he fought and lived almost 2 years longer.

Now, whenever someone gives us a tip, or more importantly, whenever I tip someone, I always think of Robert.

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I rarely get tips, but when I do I am very appreciative because it tells me the customer is very appreciative of the work I do. I know it isn’t cheap to provide great service and for the customer to pay me more than I ask for is huge in my book.

P.S. Thanks Jessica!

Wow, what a story. Goes to show generosity can do wonders for the soul. Sounds like he really had his priorities straight- instead of focusing on his own sad situation, he looked for ways to help those around him. Very admirable.

I always give the tips to the cleaners, they earned them

I agree if you have guys workkng with you they have to get the tips.

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Arugula it’s a Veg-tid-able

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