Tips for cleaning these

How would you clean the windows at the top? I have not done the estimate yet, so I have not seen these windows in person, but from the picture they look to be windows that do not open. Any thoughts on how to clean the outside?

Looks like the only way if they don’t open, is from the roof. A VERY unsafe way to clean them.

I would pass on the job or offer to clean everything BUT those inaccessible windows. You would need a fall harness and ropes to do that safely.

you might be able to get a wfp up there …its going to be hard …a swivel brush would really help on that one …idk

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second thought probably not lol


Ladder up to the 2nd story roof then wfp from there

Wfp on a ladder?

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Sure why not?

Just never thought of that, he’d have to get a ladder harness probably.

Scaffold and then WFP?

With a metal roof!? :dizzy_face: From the inside only or pass. I slipped on a metal roof once and I’ll never get on them again.

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Its like a horse, get right back on or forever you will be fearful.
Metal roofs are not an issue if you wear the right footwear, rubber soled shoes work great even when the roof is wet and mouldy.
I wear when I walk on roofs, its like your a gecko with these things on.


I just hope they open from the inside so i can service this. The other options are not options for me. Im just not gonna risk my life to clean some windows. This would be a great account to have though because she wants it done Bi-Monthly.


Did she say why the previous cleaner is no longer around? Maybe he fell off the roof


I really don’t think you can pole that off a ladder. Every time I’ve done that, I’ve had to use an A frame ladder to get any kind of leverage. He’d have to be on a 30 footer or 35…both hands are going to be occupied. He is going to fall…even if he was lucky enough to get his ladder to lean into one of those little “grooves” I guess (between those lines in the roof) it can’t be more than an inch high (the lines).

Soon as he gets that pole over his head to get to the left side from the right or vise versa he’s done.

They GOTTA open tho, thats the highest point of the house…heat needs to escape somewhere right?

Do you need to ladder up for the inside windows? That could be more difficult than outside?

why not get the foam korkers and walk up to them? Easy and safe


I don’t think Homer Simpson would be safe on that roof if you know what I mean.

I really think the only way to make them look decent is to get up there on foot… I’ve seen roofing shoes somewhere in the past that stick to roofing surfaces . I have also seen in person foam taped to a guys shoes on surfaces like that.
I always try in trust my gut on these things if it doesn’t feel right don’t do it.

There are things in life worth dying for.
Nothing window related is on that very short list.

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45 ft articulating boom lift. Korkers. Raise to roof level. Tie off to platform. Park on neighbors side of the fence. Easy peasy.

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