Tips for squeezing around window locks

Hey guys I’ve been practicing at my house and I have several single hung windows and on the upper piece of glass the window locks get in the way what’s the best way to clean a window like this. The squgee won’t fit between the lock and the glass and if I go up and around the the lock it leaves a lot of streaks

With those, I personally tilt the window open. I’m sure there is a better way, but that is how I do it.

right and while that does help there is still the housing which the locking mechanism latches onto that’s screwed onto the top window that doesn’t tilt so I’m still running into it whit my squeegee

Yea I’m with you, I normally open the window which gets me closer and just detail around the lock latch. For me it doesn’t really add much time.

I tilt the window in a bit if I’m in the mood. Most of the time I just go up and over the lock and then I kind of fold my huck and floss between the glass and the lock. If you are leaving streaks, there is a problem with you technique

Yup just go up an over. Detail the rest. Move on to next

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Just make a fold with your huck towel and wipe/detail behind both latches. With practice you get pretty quick at it.