Tips on removing tint

I have a customer which has requested a quote on removing tint from her windows. What is involved in removing tint from windows?
How would you quote it? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank You.

Charge more than you do for a construction clean. I score the tint with a cross hatch pattern and then remove the smaller sections. be sure to keep the window wet and “lubed”. Work slowly, patiently and deliberately

Charge quadruple money & even then - I wouldn’t want to do it again.

I have been tint windows for 6 years and my family has run a window film business for over thirty years now. You probably do not have the proper insurance, on average when doing removal we always break at least one window.

Call a pro sub it out, you will just get a massive headache and your hands will hurt. I am not sure where you live but in california you need a contractor license to do that kind of work.

you can all me tomorrows at 1 800 479 6292 ask for Jeremy and i can answer any more questions you want.

Does one need “Care, Custody, and Control” insurance?

Are you speaking specifically of architectural glass (as opposed to automotive?)

What are the common causes of breaking windows during the tint removal process?

What makes you say this?

i say that because if your removing film, in ca any job over $500 or any job where you are modifying the home, remodeling etc. you must have a contractors license.

Also for the insurance removing window film puts you at a different exposure than just washing windows, call your insurance agent it may be okay.

I am not saying you cant do, i am just trying to let you now it will be tuff and maybe not worth your time.

I did a tint removal on a 8x10 store front window last month. It was one of the worst experiences if my life. I thought it was only going to take me about half an hour. I was there for over 3 hours

So if it is under $500 (and not simply any), no contractor’s license is required in CA, yes?

Can you provide a link that states that removing window tint requires a contractor’s license in CA? I know of the specialty category for window treatments, but I am unsure if that includes tint.

Last one I did was one window on the inside - I wanted €100 - & got it.

check C61-Limited Specialty, than scroll down to D-52 last sentence “plastic film window treatment and/or any other window treatment applied for temperature control or as a screening device.”

Got to have the license in california.

I see it now (haven’t been there in a while.)

It also states: “A window coverings contractor installs or applies

No mention of removal.

well read into what you want, i am just trying to save the ones that listen a head ache.

I would think applying would fall under the same subcategories as removal.
I have seen many window washers attempt to remove window film, make a mistake get sent to small claims court and than we get called in to finish the job.

Sometimes you just need to know when to throw in the towel.

Thanks for the info. We appreciate your taking the time…I have a different question, though: The article also mentioned installing anything this is a screening device. Do you think that this means that I have to get a contractors license to fix or replace a screen?

I just realized the qualifying statement on the contractor website: “Any construction project priced at $500 or more in labor and materials must be done by a contractor licensed in the trade or
occupation of the work.”

Its how much it costs to do the job. That rules out just about any screen removal or tint removal job. Even tinting jobs and other construction jobs can be done if it doesn’t cost you over 5 bills.

thats correct anything under 500 bucks you don’t need to be licensed.
The problem with tinting is most jobs no matter if it is 100 bucks or 700 k, most commercial clients wont let you bid or do any work unless you our licensed.

Plus window film is a totally different industry than window washing, it is not something you can just jump into to make extra money when you want to.

There is a lot of product knowledge not mention you have to know a lot about construction and glazing.

Like i said i am available to answer any questions if someone is really serious about trying to get involved.

800.479.6292 ask for Jeremy

I sub-contracted it out. Plus I got the exterior job on that house and got premium price because I had to remove security screens. Thanks for the help guys.

if you spay an ammonia and water mix on a tinted window and them put newspaper over it and let it set for 30 minutes to hold the mix to the window, scraping difficulties will be next to gone, or so Ive heard.

Tint usually comes off one of two ways… Easy in a few pieces… OR A pain in the Butt that you need to scrape or inch by inch… I for one Charge $20.00/ window. for this…:eek: