Tired of glue? Protect your clamps

After spending some quality time getting to know JB Weld re-gluing my clamps on my old SLX, I think I figured out why they kept coming unglued.

When you collapse the pole, occasionally the clamps will bang together (even when you’re careful, they might still bump). Over time the glue weakens and off pops the clamp. So fix it with electrical tape as seen here on one of my wfp poles:

Add electrical tape between the clamps. When collapsing, the tape will act like a shock absorber and should prevent you from having to reglue the clamps.

Also, for you fans of the long pole squeegee, use this on your 24’, 30’, etc poles (especially the unger teleplus) to prevent them from coming down, slapping you, and ripping a huge chuck out of your thumb or the web of your hand…

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As a teleplus user, my fingers thank you for this simple, but effective solution!

Good solution I’ve tried in the past. But electrical tape/any tape will leave sticky glue all over the place after it sits in the sun for any amount of time. I’ll take a smashed finger on the odd occasion over constantly sticking my hands in glue and spreading it all over the place every time I use my poles. :cool:

This might solve your problem. No glue. Silicon tape sticks to itself.