To Wide Body or Not Wide Body

I am looking to upgrade ALL my squeegee’s as all of mine are just bought at home depot, menards etc and are fine for smaller jobs but the more work I get they are just a pain to deal with. I am wondering what is the benefit of wide body channels? Is it simply personal preference or do those that use them have other reasons for doing so? I am not looking to start a debate on which is better just those of you that use them why you do so. Thanks guys.

Why are your current squeegees a “pain to deal with?”

old fashioned, need a screwdriver and pliers to change channels

Unger and Ettore make fine products using standard channels. If you want to try wide body channels I’d give the Unger Ninja a go. And if you get a Ninja or other brand wide body then you may as well go with a wide width channel, 30" or more because this is where they shine in my opinion. nice and strong. Then if you like, stock up on other channel widths. personally I like to mix it up, wide body, standard, wagtail, etc.

I prefer steccone channels and handles myself. The easiest quick release handle to use IMO, no clips to mess with, and they are amazingly light. I have rarely bent one, but when I have, it was easy to bend a “minor” bend back out
EDIT: I agree with mark tho, if your doing a lot of pole work, A wide bodied channel is great. Nice a sturdy with an easy clean cut. I don’t like them for regular resi work, I can’t ever fan consistently to save my life.

i came to the equipment forum specifically to make basically this thread. Though, i would have included more info-- which i think will make a big difference…

Wide body for STOREFRONT? i do 90% storefront work currently, and right now i use unger quick release ergotec extended handle with stainless steel channels (6, 10, 14, 18, 22"), as well as an Unger zero degree with ettore quick release modification. I love the simplicity and the toughness of what i have-- but have been thinking about venturing in to the world of wide body. that 30 inch ninja just looks too awesome!

I have 2 problems with wide body channels though…
—Bucket on a belt. i have only ever put one belt bucket on that was designed for wide body channels, and the balance of it SUCKED compared to my unger bucket for regular channels. it either leaned forward or backward-- never relaxed and hanging like my regular one.
—second problem, 80% of my storefront work has the inside handle to the entrance door being those metal push box shaped levers… the ones where you squeegee above them, then have to feed your small channel up in to them from below, and pull the water down-- where the regular small channels barely fit.

How do you manage these entrences when using a wide body channel? I would imagine keeping a regular channeled squeegee in back would work, but i normally keep only a 10 inch on my back, and squeezing that in between the door and handle lever wouldnt work too well, and keeping a 14 or 18" on your back would be a pain.

so, do you wide body channel users use these for your 6 window storefronts, or mostly just for car dealerships and such?

Im not a wide body fan myself, but if your thinking of trying one out - Give the ninja squeegee a shot. The ninja squeegee is worth a look.