Tobacco on the glass

I did a condo today and I had to clean each window twice because of the amount of tobacco stains on the glass. As soon as I walked in the place I knew that familiar smell. Blek! (and me an ex-smoker for 20 years)

Anyway, anyone have a special formula for breaking down the tobacco quickly besides just adding more soap. I actually had to change my water half way through. I’ve never had to do that while cleaning a condo. :confused:

This did “world” a while back. I’ve always used GG4 & I find Ungers pill good. I find its not the chemical but the wand cover - try a porcupine - half the work.
Besides all the claims of using grease cutters, ammonia etc. I still rely on the porcupine to do the hard work for me.

I add a small amount of Simple Green to my solution, then dial up or down when I need to change water. I also use a dedicated washer for initial scrubbing, then another for final clean.

I charge more for this type of service because it takes longer, my tools require additional cleaning, and I end up with a nicotine headache by the next day.

I know it sounds simple, but I use the hottest water I can stand with a small amount of Dawn and it works the first time. I found even the smallest amount of Simple Green can cause a nightmare, it gets in your soaker and you will have streaks all day

same, warmer water and double dish soap with a dedicated scrubber, then a final regular clean with second scrubber.

It’s actually the “Nicotine” that your having to contend with.Titan Green to the rescue for me.Also warm water helps but not necessary. Ammonia with a drop or 2 of Dawn will work too.

Sometimes a “pre-soak” does make a BIG difference spray your favorite solution allow dwell time helps immensely on those stubborn Nic stains.

I’m already there.

Thanks for everyones suggestions. I have several sleeves and I’ll keep one just for these jobs (maybe my Unger with the scrubber pad). Warm or hot water it is. I see if this works before experimenting with other soaps/chemicals.

Latex gloves help limit my skin’s exposure to nicotine-laced solution.

the gloves are a great idea!

So’s Mr. Robinson’s Porcupine. I just went out and picked up a carton of coffin nails – I’m gonna smoke up a storm tomorrow and test it out!

While we’re on the topic…anybody got a cigarette?:smiley:

I agree w/ Larry on this one. I have a spray bottle of Simple Green and spray some directly on the window. It really cuts the nicotine. I just did in/out on a bar and it worked great on windows that hadn’t been done in almost a year.

Can’t smoke IN bars in CA.

Let the nicotine bake on first - if you have any sunshine?

(The glove idea is good) Its the frames that do my head in, but the porcupine does those as well!

I typically use a sponge (light- or heavy-duty as appropriate) on the frames.

Then there’s the glistening screen where smokers camp by an open window to smoke…

PEUk! Bler! Yuk! I don’t care if people smoke but when I have to clean in a smokers home I get shivers and cold Sweat’s

I had a lounge to clean in a smokers home once, before I started, I thought the lounge was brown, after cleaning it, I discovered it was light green YUK!

I still have nightmares about it BRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Thanks for the tips

Hot water, extra soap and GLOVES

Dawn is that a dish washing liquid? (It is over here)


Cool thanks for that

I agree with karlosdaze. I suggest trying the wiljer blue devil sleeve cover. just be careful with filmed glass.:cool:

Nicotine windows are disgusting!

And since I bid from the outside, they really impact my bottom line.

Anybody tried this: ?