Today's live morning show, just one of the spots

[video]<embed type=‘application/x-shockwave-flash’ salign=‘l’ flashvars=‘&titleAvailable=true&playerAvailable=tr ue&searchAvailable=false&shareFlag=N&singleURL=htt p:// com’ allowscriptaccess=‘always’ allowfullscreen=‘true’ menu=‘true’ name=‘PaperVideoTest’ bgcolor=‘#ffffff’ devicefont=‘false’ wmode=‘transparent’ scale=‘showall’ loop=‘true’ play=‘true’ pluginspage=‘’ quality=‘high’ src=‘’ align=‘middle’ height=‘450’ width=‘300’></embed>[/video]Check it out fellas, let me know what you think…

Window Washers Who Love Their Job – KSWB

I’m confused.

Were you in there somewhere, Tory?

Yeah, you didnt see me?




The first link you posted was about cats that were found mysteriously sawed in half!

This revised link is the good one.

Nice, Tory!

[B]Put this on your website today![/B]

Didnt get much camera time…I am the one speaking and behind her.

That rocks man!!!

Use this embed code:

<embed type='application/x-shockwave-flash' salign='l' flashvars='&titleAvailable=true&playerAvailable=true&searchAvailable=false&shareFlag=N&singleURL=' allowscriptaccess='always' allowfullscreen='true' menu='true' name='PaperVideoTest' bgcolor='#ffffff' devicefont='false' wmode='transparent' scale='showall' loop='true' play='true' pluginspage='' quality='high' src='' align='middle' height='450' width='300'></embed>

Very nice man!

Here ya go: !


[QUOTE=Chris;87082]Here ya go: !

Wow! That was quick!!!
I am ordering the other spots, we had some problems with the building management but I tried to get a shot of the packpack with a huge WCR sticker blasted on it. I hope it came out.

Very impressive, Chris.

You’re fast!

NO!! Don’t put it on your site! Just kidding. Good Job Tory!

Thanks Kev.
I got ZERO sleep last night, and have a meeting tomorrow with a part- no time until this weekend…seriously. I am trying to hire someone too…between phone calls and everything else, I can’t. I just bought the segments though, I had to pay a total of 260.00 for them. I think I will put the video on the site, the one alex and chris put on youtube, and use that until I can edit the final ones when I get them in the mail…

By the way Chris, I got that sticker today…want me to shoot it your way? I don’t have a problem with that bro…

No way keep them! Stick them on some fun stuff… Cop cars, Seo Dougs house… whatever.

Dude, Tory, you are blowing up! TV shows, magazine covers, what’s next? Dont forget us little guys big shot.

Congrats man, that’s cool stuff.

Haha, what up big Wayne! I only hope to be as good and respected as you my friend.

I’m stalking Doug tonight and putting them on his bedroom window…haha.
I’m gonna blast a couple more on the trailer this weekend.

Congrats Tory :slight_smile:

Hanging out with a supremely attractive woman on live tv, on the side of a building 7 stories up… I DO envy you!!!

Well, everything but the 7 stories up bit, with my vertigo you’d need a spatula to get me off the top of the cars 7 stories down lol

Well done Tory!

You had plenty camera time.
Your workers had some some shinny shirt on…fancy. Rayon?

Congrats on the being a super star!