Tony Evans Scrim on a pole!

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My scrim is bigger than yours. (So is my pole)

Thanks for posting this video Tony.

Important question: Seeing you dealing with winter weather already, do you find the scrim drying quickly like Phil’s experience or does it take a lot longer because of the cold, damp weather? I know I go through more hucks in the winter because they stay wet longer.

Also, what is your overall opinion of the scrim versus huck towels?

I know you asked T, but I do see a decline is dry time as a result of the cooler temps.

I used both hucks and scrim yesterday. I still prefer the scrim.

Tony, I also await your reply.

Nice video Tony. Thanks for posting it for us to see.

Looks cold out there…

Thanks Tony! Looks quick and easy enough to me. I can’t wait to try it when my scrims get here. I’ll post my experience with them as I hopefully progress.

Good one Tony. How cold is it?

Thanks Tony, good explaination! Great to see you in action. It looks cold out there.


Your Scrim was just boxed up. You will receive your tracking number shortly.
Thanks very much!

May I suggest 3?

1 is just enough to make ya mad you don’t have three.

I carry around 30 - 40 in the van, although I probably go through 3 a day because I do all the frames etc. You will find as they get older they will be less absorbent but even better for detailing - work that one out! I usually have a bungee stretched to dry them out in the van. Colder weather -for sure you will go through a couple more, should still be dry if you hung them for lunch. I really recommend buying more, so you can alternate for washing.
Another great thing about scrim - because of the weave you don’t usually have to get the blade out to remove fly spots or adhesive remains. Just use a damp part then go over with dry.

Thanks for the kind words guys! I’m sorry about the quality - I had to compress the daylights out of it just to get it sent to Chris. I need to know how guys like Sanchez and Mark to know how they get original quality videos sent out.
As for the temp it was about 40f in the sun w/ a 10mph wind. Not to bad as I contemplate those below zero days I’ll be doing on my monthly house route.
The scrim did well in those temps but as was already stated they don’t dry as quickly in the colder temps. Good reason to have 2 or 3! Still I used 2 hucks all day since I had the scrim instead of probably 10-15 w/out it.

I forgot to include some pics of the house we did so you can see how far the scrim went. Also I should point out it was far from being to wet to use.

Thanks Alex! And thanks also for sending the TokBox email thanking me for the order. That’s the first time anybody has sent me a video of themself telling me my order has shipped and thanking me for my business. You guys really have it goin’ on! Very impressive. You’ll get a lot more of my business fom now on.

Can you believe there are some folks in the biz that have a problem with the way Chris and Alex do things.

I can’t figure it out. It’s a total mystery! :confused:

I’m not going to lie tony, your a sexy man holding your scrim :smiley:

people don’t like change and that’s what’s happening to this industry right now. The old farts want to lead the way when Chris and Alex have stepped in and filled that spot for the next generation

Phil, I ordered 2 scrims to see how they work for me. If I find them to my liking I’ll order a couple more so I’ll have enough.

I got me a synthetic chamois and have been using it this week in place of my pick up towel. It’s great! Not a sponge and not a rag but more like both of them rolled into one. The best of both worlds. Whether or not I like the scrim remains to be seen but this synthetic chamois is here to stay. Thanks for the tip!

Awesome wording. It is the best of both worlds.

I am certain youre gonna love the scrims too.

Thanks Matt! I felt like the antiSanchez. Instead of young, fit, plenty of hair, and working in Florida - I’m middle aged, outta shape, balding, and work in Iowa.:wink:

Now thats funny :smiley:
You are the man Tony!