Too big for my britches

I seem to be drawn to selling my company to businesses that are probably to large for me to tackle. Yet, I seem to be becoming more confident, and stupid, and successful. (like a ninja) I have now the opportunity to obtain the window account for this building. The last time these windows have been done was two years ago.

There 553 windows, and I need to price for only an external clean.

Again, This may be to big for me, but I feel like I can find the resources to get it done if I can find out the process of tackling such a job. I perform best when I feel overwhelmed. I make faster decisions and seem to flow in my zen in a high stress position.

Would a water-fed pole be an option? Rope decent?

Is there formula to pricing mid-rise buildings?

What expenses am I looking at?

I am insured, but what kind of insurance should I have to add these kinds of jobs to my business?

I know I’ve been asking for alot of advice lately, but I’ve only been in this business for five months, and I am finding growth opportunity quickly.

Thank you all for all that you submit on this forum. My family thanks you.

Man you need one of these suckers:

Easy enough, I know what it does. What am I finding the area of and to what use? Pricing, Time allowance, Length of rope? I’m am so into learning how to do this right but not anyone around I know to get the lessons from.

Any good books on this sort of stuff?

I am still stuck on the ninja reference…

why are you like a ninja?

A humor device to keep you thinking about how the heck a ninja would be hired to clean windows. Actually I am more like a Mariachi in real life.

And I feel accomplished that I got CFP to actually respond to a thread I did.

I’m am usually a thread killer. (Unintentional)

do you have a time limit. I am working on a proposal for a building like this, and they require it be done in two days each service.

SO that might make the difference if you need help or not, do they just want the outside?

You could use a boom lift, looks like there is plenty of area below to drive and maneuver.

I have 3 days. Just outside. Would the pricing I would have to do to get a boom lift, be better or faster or cheaper than a water-fed pole. The roof has tie-off anchors. What does such a proposal look like? and what should I include in its presentation.

Are you already trained in rope descent?

i mentioned the boom lift because i was assuming you where not trained in rope decent. Also when was the last time the windows where cleaned at the building, if it has been a while it will make wfp a chore, and might not come out nice. A boom lift would not be as fast but you could do a better job. than after you used the boom lift you could use a waterfed pole to maintain the windows.

No, I would have to find someone to help me. Where could I get such training as I would be very interested In learning the safety and processes of achieving jobs like this. I have no intention of risking my neck on a rope with out proper training! I LOVE my family!! You shoulda seen the motorcycle I got rid of after I first saw my first child…(eyes welling in fond memories…)

This looks like the way to go…now how do I price it?

do what kevin says,

How bad do you want this job? If you really want it figure out how low you are willing to go to get. Your minimum price for you to pay your bills and make a small profit. do not forget to incorporate the cost of the lift.

If you don’t care if you get price to what you feel its worth. Its your job, your bottom line make sure to make it worth your time.

You need to price this, with some serious thinking and looking over that building. If you are going to get a lift, then you can price as follows. If you have 3 days to complete this job. I would rent an articulated boom lift. You are going to need it with that building. Don’t get a cheap scissor lift, it wont work. Now here’s the fun part.

  1. You will need the boom to be 4x4? Maybe who knows.
  2. if 4x4 how powerful is the torque? Will you rip up grass with it?
  3. There are trees in the corner of the building, how will you access that glass behind them? Boom is not getting in there from what I can see with that picture.
  4. will you be able to have enough room? can you cut off entrance walkways while cleaning?
  5. that building is 6 stories high. Ever go up on a 65ft boom? Those things move all over the place when you are up there so bring some toilet paper. It’s one thing to go up 35 or 40 ft on a boom, over 50 is a whole new experience. I would rather hang from a rope then be in a boom that high.
    Anyway I would price out the cost of the boom for 3 days and double it in my quote. Another thing you need to think about is storage. Will you be allowed to store the boom in the parking lot. If it was me, I would not even ask if you could. Ask and they may say no. Just leave it there and if they say anything about it, at least you will have saved one day in drop off cost of the boom.
    If I can recommend something here. You have stated yourself that you are biting off more then you can chew. What made you think you can pull this off. Cleaning buildings like these are not an easy task by any means. Taking on larger jobs before you are ready can hurt your business. You need to be knowledgeable about the field you are in. I am willing to bet if the hiring manager started to ask you some serious questions about the clean you might not have the correct answer or you might try and bluff past it. In the end you can make yourself and your company look like fools. Also when it comes to insurance. I would call mine. I can use a WFP as high as I want. But once my body is raised over 3 floors (regardless via boom or rope) there is an issue with my coverage.

Thats the kind of advice i’ve been looking for. How does one built up to doing these kind of jobs? How do I know what I am ready for? I have no problem subing this out to another window cleaning company, but I’m trying to learn and grow. Does your company do training for rope descent and fall arrest? I by no means intend to do anything that would not be correct or safe.

Thank you for your advice Jugg!

I shall write a ballad in your honor! :slight_smile:

that building can be done alone in 3 days easily. i do 3 buildings with as many windows, 2 of them are 5 stories with trees and stuff in the way, plus i do a decent large 3 story one all by myself in 7 days. outsides only. im assuming 2 days max outs only for the building in question with a articulating boom lift of the right height. my 2 cents (cdn)

1.9 cents (USD)


Save yourself the hassel manuel, If its a competitive bid situation, 2 good guys with ropes will be done with the exterior in 2 days, and their price will not include the lift rental, plus with 5 months experience, you probably haven’t driven many lifts, an 80ft lift is not the place to learn

They don’t have a contract with any one, and I am the only one sending a proposal.

How do I become one of those guys with ropes?

I think most people learn the ropes by working for a company that does rope work and learning from the more experienced guys, there is a training course available from IRATA, but i believe its time consuming and expensive( I could be wrong I don’t know much about it)
Over the last 20 years Ive probably trained about 15 guys to do rope work, you can tell within the first 15 minutes whether they will be able to do it or not, a small building like that with easy drops would be the perfect one to learn on, so it might not be a bad idea to approach a small outfit that does rope work and pass the job on to them with a proviso that you get some training from them, that way you will know if ropes are for you or not and then if you think you can do it , see if you can work a few days a month or so with them until you are comfortable with the job