Too windy

How windy is too windy for you?

when after 1 squeegee pass… water blows back on clean glass.

I live coastal so often, even though the wind will not blow it right back…I know in my head the windows will be dirty by noon.

Like today; we have NE wind about 25 with a constant flow. Mixed with sea spray and my work is unseen.

Back when i did mainly high rise…ground winds 20…7-10 stories high they were a little more and the issue you speak of was horrible.

Well, I don’t live by the ocean like you. But I never had a day where I didn’t go out because it was too windy. I just work with whatever nature throws my way. I do storefront, so I can’t make too many excuses to not clean the storefronts or else I start to miss cleans, and lose money.

And of course, except for tail end of hurricanes, we don’t usually get them. Except for hurricane hazel in 54.

I would think any wind over 100 km/hr (62 miles/hr) would be too fierce to work in.

As you know I’m in the same territory as you Mike. Last winter I canceled one storefront day due to wind. I had a lot of high windows that day. It’s easy to double back and do a quick detail on street level windows but high windows are a pain.

That’s true, storefront is a different animal than residential.

I too will cancel if I’m doing some high ladder or pole work and the winds are above 35mph. Just not worth the extra hassle as it doesn’t happen that much. If it happened alot like it sounds it does to you I might have to rethink my stand.

I am doing that now. :slight_smile:

I am a die hard weather guy. So far only one day was to windy for me. Put the ladder up…wind blows it down…I go home. I do mostly 16’ foot ladder work and rarely 24’ so it’s not much of an issue for me.

too windy is when I’m trying to eat pizza and it’s flapping in the air and I’m attempting to snap at it like a dog. Got to love the beach

I’ve only went home once, when the water blew off a car dealership window I was cleaning to the window 2 layers up!
Another time at that same job I was detailing a window and the wind blew the rag off my pole onto the roof. #@*!
I would rather clean windows in direct sun or below zero temps than on windy day.

I’m curious how you came up with that number Tony?

I usually will not climb a ladder or do outside work if the National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory. I think a wind advisory starts at winds of 25 or 30 mph. There are lotsa big ole trees in my area so if they’re a rockin, we don’t come knockin.

Funny. Very funny.

Seth I found that in my area that 35mph is beyond my comfort level. I used to do construction and that was the cutoff for my boss when we had roofing to do. That of course was established after I was blown off a roof while trying to set a sheet of plywood on some trusses. Not pretty.:eek: