Tool bag setup

I have two tools bags in the car. One for the bulk of my gear and a smaller one that I load up with everything I need for a particular job.

Daily tools include:

[]Terry towels
]Huck towels
[]Small scrapper (fits in my BOAB)
]Wide scraper
[]Putty knife (helps in removing screens and some tough slider windows)
]Multi screw driver
[]Booties to go over shoes when doing interiors
]Curved nose pliers (to remove/replace blades on my small scraper and other general purposes)
[]small scrubber pad
]small soap bottle dispenser
]Large 5 gallon bucket with lid
[]Various length extension poles
]smaller bucket holds squeegee handles, various sized channels and strip washers
[]Cordless drill (handy for some storm window situations)
]Beach towels (for interior sills and floors)
[]Hair clip (one way to hold a wrap towel on the end of your pole on a windy day)
]Cosco combination ladder 17ft
[*]3 step ladder

List your gear. You know you waaanna!

On my belt (which is a wide construction bag belt w/ back support) is a Winspray jumbo pouch (which holds hucks, phone, bill pad, #9 spare blades that ride in my Bladelock, paint can opener, business cards for passersby), two double holsters (one Ettore and one), an Ettore BOAB, bottle on a belt, and last but not least my Leatherman tool. I also have my screen brush set up on a caribiner so it clips on easily.


[COLOR=“Blue”]What type of screen brush do you use?[/COLOR]

I’ve had good luck with a Rubbermaid counter/bench brush with synthetic bristles (not the soft, split-tip type.)

Mine too is a rubbermaid brush, soft bristle non split ends. It’s lightweight and does a great job. I found it at my local JanSan supplier. Cost $5

Lock and load baby! with all your adjectives like wide, and jumbo your belt sounds like it might rival Craig’s:) I too use a construction pouch w/ back support with a BOAB on the other side. I find it a bit bulky especially since I do all residential work. But it works for me. Definetly can’t be without my Leatherman on the toolbelt.

Can you post a link of your alls Rubbermaid screen brush? Mine is wearing out and I haven’t found the perfect replacement. Bristles can’t be to stiff or to soft.

Ace Hardware – ~$5

Seth I think my belt does indeed rival Craig’s! When I get some more time I’ll post pics of my rig and belt.

Ya know my main guy calls my bags the “diver’s belt” and i’d probably drown if i fell in a pool too:eek:

We use the most basic setup imaginable. Less is more? Window Cleaning Resource Video Blogs: What's In a Residential Window Cleaners Tool Box?

I have a van with shelving. I have labeled bins on the shelves filled with equipment and supplies. I also have multiple tool boxes all 20". There are two boxes for employees that have the identical supplies inside for window cleaning. Another box has misc. tools and spare parts for my pressure washer. Another box has misc. tools for screen and window repair. I also have a tool bag with all my general tools in it. I try to be prepared for anything I may encounter and then some.

Don’t forget about me Tony.

I won’t Seth.

hmmmm let me see…well i nthe van i always have my 28 foot extension ladder, my 17 foot cosco step/multi usage ladder. i have a rubbermaid container with my extra squeegee channels (assorted sizes), extra rubbers, rubber bands, extra razor blades, small ones and larger ones. I keep one bucket for clean rags that also hold assorted screw drives, steelwool, hard water stain remover, a small bottle of soap too. and my ettore screen brush(for cobwebs and stuff too),3 dif sizes of scrubbers, a few dif squeegees…lol this second bucket i bring to the house with me when doing residential(its a window cleaning bucket so fairly large) i carry booties too in there. I also have my 18 foot, 13 foot, 9 foot, 6 foot and shorter poles in the van always. my ledgers are in the van, in my other window cleaning bucket i have my solution of course, my 24 inch , 18 inch, 12 incher, and 5 incher. (those last two are ettore) my 18 inch scrubber.i have pulex boab with me in the van or for use at residential. on my toolbelt i have 2 scapers, a swiss army knife, my cell phone, and a ettore holster. oh and a hammer holder…for a couple rags.
I like to have as much as i need handy for anything a customer may throw at me. oh and i also have a smaller bucket for dirty rags.
I’m a fanatic for tools and equipment, i always want to buy more. so the van is well equipped…the trick is to just bring what you need…but have anything you may need not too far away. i do some cottages way out in the middle of nowhere so i have to make sure i have what i need.
next year im getting a 20 ft extension…so i dont have to haul the larger one around so much.

I’ve got the “Dopest” tool belt in the land!:smiley: As a matter of fact i have just about everything but the kitchen sink!

Of course…if i fell into a pool i’d probably drown:eek:

I’ve got to be in the running for dopest tool belt around Craig. Once I get my act together I’ll post pics and if you do the same guys can vote for the dopest belt. How’s that sound Master Po?!

Ahh yes Grasshopper! I’ll be delighted to have a dueling of the belts:D

What do your backs think of your tool belts Craig and Tony?

I did Construction for 10 years and wore a tool belt that weighed about 25pounds. My wcing rig only weighs 7lbs and has a back belt built in. No problems for me after even a 10hr day.

So…where are the pictures??

Tony’s been banned for some time, now. Not sure where everyone else went.
[MENTION=67]Beautiful View[/MENTION] - how has your arsenal evolved over the last 6 years?