Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner #16 SuperBrush


[SIZE=5][B]Super Brush Available here![/B][/SIZE]


Another great show Mark! I love the Super Brush. Unfortunately Alex told me Ettore is Revamping the brush so they are temporarily out of stock.:frowning:

Yep Ettore has none! The problem is they were not fitting on poles correctly. Should be another month or so…

Hopefully they will design it to fit on their own locking tip. Makes sense, no?

Quick question Chris. Any reason the youtube window doesn’t default to widescreen to match the content?

Nice Mark. I use a similar brush. It fits on the poles, but has no angle or rotating hinges, so it is not as multifunctional. On the other hand, the only thing we use it for is screen cleaning. We lay the screens down on the driveway/sidewalk/or other flat rigid surface, and rinse, lather, and repeat. We also use the Tide w/Bleach Alt. Screens are included in our exterior prices. Solar screens are billed at another fee because of the difficulty in removing/replacing/ and scrubbing them more.

But nice video.

Yeah thats what they are working out… makes total sense!

Not sure if you double click it and go to the you tube page its correct… They probably havent brought there embedding option totally up to speed yet.

Actually, you just need to click on the + sign on the upper right corner of the video window to expand it to widescreen. I just figured that the embed code would do this automatically.

Mark, check your pm inbox dude.

very Nice!

I have been using the Ettore Super Brush for years and have found non better. With the use of an extension pole you don’t have to bend over to clean the screen and it delivers a balanced clean finished product.
As far as screen cleaning procedure goes… dry brushing is quick and easy when the screen is slightly dusty. (a negative to dry brushing is that you breath the dust and we have “valley fever” issues here). When the dirt is embeded within the screen material it will need to be throughly cleaned. There are a variety of solutions as Mark mentioned and we all have our favs. You will want a cleaner that will keep the material supple, give the screen a like new appearance, not attract dust/dirt and not leave an oily residue on the glass when rain hits the screen and transfers the sreen solution to the glass surface.
When cleaning your screens with a solution. Place your screen on a flat surface (drive way or side walk) then scrub both sides of the screen with ample solution then rinse with water and tap out the remaining moisture.
An important step is laying the screen down while brushing. You don’t want to add any additional pressure on the screen corners. Screens are most always made with plastic corners as well as thin aluminium for the frames. By reducing the amount of stress to the frames and corners you can do your job and not be liable to repair the screen if they bend or corner breaks.
My clients love the way the screens look when I am done cleaning them and get comments ALL the time about how the screens look better than new. Yes, I charge for doing this service. Solar screens take a little longer to clean because of the density of the material and the way they are installed.
hope this is helpful

Best screen cleaning brush ever. It has a permanent place in my screen cleaning bucket. Nothing gets screens looking cleaner, next to power washing them than that ettore brush.

I use the same solution that is in my pail for window cleaning. I don’t like the idea of having a separate pail just for a small part of the job.
What benefit is there to using something other than gg4?

I use GG4 over dishsoap because it’s designed for windows. I follow that same logic when it comes to screen cleaning. I’ve found Tide w/ bleach aternative or even TSP to be more effective in cleaning soiled screens than using my window cleaning solution.

Um, isn’t Tide for laundry…? :slight_smile:

I find the screen material to be closer to laundry than windows.:stuck_out_tongue:

That method (as well carpet cleaning chemical use) courtesy of Lance Golden.