Tool Talk With Mark The Window Cleaner #17 Pulex Rubber


[SIZE=5][B]Pulex Rubber Available here![/B][/SIZE]


Nice job Mark!

Don’t know if I stated this in the video but my ranking so far for soft squeegee rubber is:

Best - Ettore
Second best (equal really, just different) Unger/Pulex

Good vid Mark.

The first batch of Pulex I tried were in fact soft rubbers and they just didn’t work…but I can understand the purpose of soft rubber in northern areas…have you tried hard rubber up there and how did it feel?

Thanks, Mark.

I’ve never cared for Pulex soft – I’m using up my batch exclusively on my 6" detailing squeegee.

Another great job Mark! Interesting about the Pulex being used up when the ends are shot. Guess I’ll stick to my Ettore!

The only experience I have with hard rubber is that from the Wagtail. It rocks in the flipper but I’ve never used it in a regular squeegee, nor have I used any yet during the winter. Just got a batch of wagtail in this week so I’ll be putting it through the winter tests.

Yes, usually burnt out corners are my sign to flip the rubber over but as I mentioned I usually notice water being left on the glass in general (with Pulex soft) before any significant corner burnouts.

its all amazing and interesting for me.I like it so much.

i ran out of my ettore rubber and had to purchase some pulex locally…

i found that it wore much sooner. After 2 store fronts i had to reverse the rubber where as with the ettore i could do my 5 store front use before needing to flip.

Maybe i just had a bad batch :confused:

Maybe ill just keep it for the cold weather and try it then :stuck_out_tongue: