Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner #19 featherweight


[SIZE=5][B]Featherweight Channels and Handles Available here![/B][/SIZE]


Good job, Mark.

featherweights are nice

That music makes me sleepy…what is that, Enya?

I only use my own music in my videos.

These channels are one of my favourites. Look out for the Ettore copies, slightly heavier but just as good. They usually sell them as a bulk giveaway 6"/14"/18".

I’ve always wondered how Steccone was pronounced, and now I know! Thanks.

One question, will the steccone channel fit an unger ergo tech handle? I just can’t get away from the ergotech handles. Going back to a standard usual handle like that just makes my hands hurt, and cold.

Yes, the Steccone (I’m assuming I pronounced it correctly, having studied Italian) channel will fit in the Unger Ergo-tec. However, the two prongs on the the Unger mechanism that would normally pinch into the rubber, actually pinch the channel instead but as I mentioned, the Steccone channels use clips so holding in the rubber isn’t an issue.

I don’t think you’d want to have the two teeth of the Unger ErgoTec handle pressing into the Steccone channel. I have lots of Steccone channels and wish I could use them in my ErgoTec handle but it’s just not a match.

But doesn’t Unger make a (clip style) ErgoTec handle without the teeth? That would work with the Steccones.

Actually the Steccone channels can be used with clips or with clipless handles. It’s just not a good match with the clipless ErgoTec handle.

Great review Mark. My wife uses Steccone Featherweights in her Contour handles so swiveling is great and as Mark said it’s like not having a channel in the handle at all. She loves them.

You could try a Pulex Stutsy - fits most channels.

I agree it is not desirable but it is doable. Tried it before posting and the channel was secure. But of course it will bugger up the the channel after a while.

I concur.

Maybe you can follow this episode up with the Unger ErgoTec clip style handle. I think I’ve seen them in a catalog. It would accomodate the Steccone channels with clips in them.

Hopefully the Unger clips would work in the Steccone channels.

I enjoy your tool talk videos. Thanks for taking your time to make them for us!

Better yet, wait til next week when I talk about the Pulex Stutzy handle. :wink: (thanks for the suggestion Karl)

Mark, that would be better, I’ve always been curious about those. I’m lookin’ forward to it.

Or you could just use the featherweight Steccone handle - I do!

Yeah, they are nice, especially when you wrap them with tennis racket grip wrap since they come with no grip.

I am using the Steccone handle in the featherweight video Karl, or am I missing something?

All this talk about using other handles - thought I’d just add that because they are so light, you may as well keep it that way with the handle.

I hear ya Karl.