Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner #22 GG4 vs Soap


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Thanks Mark - another great job! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and experience. I always good forward to your videos.

Wayne :o)

Hi I use GG4 every day cuz it doesn’t aggrivate my eczema. I think what Mark said about oil and grease is wrong but probaly at higher concentrations that I use it at. I used to put super slip from winsol in with gg4, but superslip and GG4 together smell like YEAST. So I just up the concentration of GG4. At 3/4oz per gallon It cleans up any light fingerprints but you have to work at the KFC’s. I find it really breaks down the hand grease on door rails and handles. One thing that Mark didn’t mention is that GG3 and GG4 don’t suds so many WCer’s will miss alot of stuff on the glass when first starting with it.

Mark, another great episode of Tool Talk! I’ve been using GG4 for the past few years and love it. I always add a little *** Slick to it to add extra glide.

I use Dawn dish soap (with white scrub pad) for spot cleaning greasy fingerprints on restaurant glass because the GG4 won’t cut it.

Uncle Phil had a great idea of using canned spray foam cleaner to spot clean greasy spots on commercial glass. I found that to work really well but it does cost a little extra. I’d rather pay a little extra than take all that extra time scrubbing so hard to get that grease off the glass.

But other than the greasy fingerprints it’s GG4 all the way for me. It really cuts down on detailing time. No sudsy mess all over the frames. One gallon of GG4 last for months.

I have one KFC and it’s the worst. Sometimes they ask me to do the cooler doors in the back and I can barely walk without slipping on their greasy floors. Sometimes I really feel like telling the owner off for letting his place get so dirty.

Great Job Mark, I appreciate your balanced approach to the “soap wars”

I find the same thing, GG4 is great for keeping windows cleaner longer, especially those hard to reach windows that you don’t want to do all the time, yet i find the same thing that it just doesn’t have the cleaning power for greasy spots. on some of the car dealerships i do, i’ll use GG4 for the showroom and dish soap on garage doors and shop windows because of oil that gets on the windows.

I keep both GG4 and dish soap in my truck for different job situations.

Very good, objective approach Mark! For the greasy side of the equation I use Simple Green or Titan Green. For slip I use Winsol Super Slip.
Great video Mark!

Great Video Mark. Very balanced, and careful commentary. I don’t think anyone could have said it better.

Why don’t you just raise your price?

Good review Mark - I’ve done the tests, GG4 does keep the windows clean - longer as Titan claim. That’s probably why people won’t use it! It still works out cheaper than dish soap when using the dispenser.

I’ve never actually done the test but have leaned towards thinking GG4 would be as cheap if not cheaper than quality dish soap.

A gallon of GG4 lasts months for me (I use the floater bottle for measuring). Dawn dish soap aint exactly cheap in comparison to GG4 when you think of all the bottles of Dawn you would buy during the same time frame you would buy and use one gallon of GG4.

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I have one KFC and it’s the worst. Sometimes they ask me to do the cooler doors in the back and I can barely walk without slipping on their greasy floors. Sometimes I really feel like telling the owner off for letting his place get so dirty.

Funny, when I posted about the KFC I wasn’t thinking money at all. Of course they pay me more for the cooler doors but it’s just the point that it is a kitchen and it should be kept cleaner. I’ve had take-out from them several times before (they’re just around the corner) and being back there and seeing how the keep (or don’t keep up the place) has really put me off.

My brother worked for KFC when he was in high school – for one week! The stories he told me were enough to steer me toward those other grody fast-food chains with disgusting kitchens when I had a hankering.

I was an area saleman for a division of Johnson Wax that sold mostly to restaurants. My territory was from Lafayette, LA to Biloxi, MS. I went through the back door of a lot of restaurants and the fanciest were sometimes the nastiest.

Most restaurants from fast food to five star were horrifying.
Don’t get me started on Chinese restaurants.

I didn’t eat out for 3 years after I left that job.

Great review Mark. But, I think you’re leaning just a little bit in favor of the GG4. :wink:

I’m glad you mentioned adding dish soap for a liitle more glide. Personally I have to add just a drop of dawn to my GG4. Just a tiny bit makes all the difference for me, and the windows still stay clean for a long time. :smiley:

Tony ‘The Man’ Evans swears by Winsol Super Slip. I may have to give all these Slip/Slide/Glide additives a go and report back to y’all.

Chris is “The Man”. I think an episode on friction reducers would be great!

Im still waiting to hear more test results on ‘astroglide’. :smiley:

I’ve got to order supplies so I think I’ll order a couple of quarts of Winsol Super Slip. I’ve never tried it so I may be surprised.

I like what I’ve been using just fine but it’s only available at that other store. I’ll be ordering supplies from WCR so I may as well try the Winsol stuff since that’s what they carry.

Some guys just use Jet Dry that is intended for automatic dish washers. I never tried that either.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I tried two of the top glide additives, who’s names will not be mentioned here, and they both seemed to cause a more rapid resoiling of my customers windows. If I had used less than the manufactures recommend dilution ratios I believe there would have been less residue on the glass and less resoiling.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I spoke with Harv at Titan Industries and he made it sound like adding any slip additive to the Glass Gleam products would increase residue on the glass proportionately. A lot of additive would equal a lot of residue.[/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]For me; using [B]as little Dawn as possible[/B] has worked for me. [/FONT][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]Unfortunitly I simply can’t move my squeegee in an advanced manner with the regular GG4 glide. If I could I wouldn’t add anything to GG4. Time is money and I move faster with more glide.[/FONT][/COLOR]