Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner #30 scrim


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Mark, I’m always impressed w/ how unbiased your reviews are, but this one is in a league of it’s own. You addressed every time you had a concern and told us how you waited to give the product the best review possible. Well done my friend!!!

yeah, my thoughts too.

Thanks Tony. I know sometimes a tool and its user can be a hard fit. I was willing to give the Scrim a few goes in different scenarios to see if my adjusting to its unique characteristics would finally match up. I’m glad to say it did.

Mark, thanks for a great review of the scrim!

I started using them I guess back in the Fall of '08 and have gotten totally used to it now. The hardest thing was getting used to wrapping it around the pole tip when poling but I’ve gotten so used to it that I rarely wrap it on the pole anymore. I just double it over and hang it over the pole tip and go for it. After a while you’ll get really good at it. Now I only wrap the scrim on the pole if it’s really windy.

Just for kicks I tried a huck towel while poling a few days ago. The scrim wins out big time!

I always enjoy the Tool Talk videos. Keep it up!

Thats probably the best & only 8 min+ talk on scrim I’ve ever heard. Well done Mark, it’s a video every newcomer to scrim needs to watch.

Wait til’ you see the directors cut. 23 glorious minutes of never before seen footage including added commentary by Francis Ford Coppola. :wink: