Top Window Cleaning Supply Recommendations?

Hello all window cleaners. This is my first post on the window cleaner forum. Since business is starting to pick up now that spring has started, what are some window cleaning supplies you consider tried and true that you would recommend to anyone getting started in the window cleaning business, or dare I say die defending? Is anyone looking at some new supplies they’re curious to try? Interested to see everyones feedback. Have a great spring!

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I am an unger guy myself., we have a ton of starter kits that wont break the bank

here is the page to the starter kits

here is the one I would recommend

What is your target market resi or commercial or storefront?

I personally would never buy a kit to much “junk” items in them, the belts they come with are pretty crap as are the boabs.
Start with a wide body for store front/commercial I prefer a sorbo quicksilver 18-24" on a sorbo handle.
then you want a few normal channels I prefer ettore or moerman if you have the patience/skill to learn to make them work.
a pole a bucket some rags/scrim/microfibre cloths, a few aggressive pads, skip walnut they are a no more aggressive than a white pad.
Track brush, small handheld vacuum, squirt bottle 3 tool boab( not the plastic ones)

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Hey Steve! I like the recommendations. I’m really just trying to see what other people in the window cleaning community use whether that’s residential or commercial. See what everyones EDC’s are. Do you use a swivel sorbo handle to fan on a pole or just the straight pull method?

I tend to pole differently than most large commercial I will normally side pole the top stroke to where I can reach on larger windows, Its generally 1 pull per pane or if there are many panes with silicone joins its like 1 pull for many windows.
Its less effort and time with no chances of streaks provided you have a clean start, I would use a 22" or a 30" sorbo if the glass is large enough, then fan what I can reach
For smaller and residential windows I would use my moerman eccelerator with moerman channel in it and fan the glass on the pole.

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There are two things that I use the most that I don’t necessarily swear by but have had amazing luck with. One is the 14" moerman squeegee, which I do 95% of my work with, with ettore master rubber (you have to clip the end 1/4 inch or so off of each rubber for it to be the right length). You may go through more rubber pieces, but you don’t have to do any detailing on pole work, so it more than makes up for it.

The other thing is glideator soap. Used to use dawn directly on the mop, but in the summer I had too many issues with it evaporating tried glass gleam with the slip additive, I hated it. Tried unger soap, it was okay. Tried glideator, and I’ve never looked back. Yes it’s more expensive, but it’s so worth it. A good squirt in the bucket is perfect, I go through a bottle or two a month in the busy season, and $30 a month on soap is nothing when you’re making good money. If you can afford that, do it.

I’ve started to try and use ettore brass channels for storefront, but I’ve been having the same issues I had with the longer moerman channels. Water in the middle, chattering, lines, etc. Can’t seem to get them to work the way they do on YouTube…

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