ok here is my big ? If wfp pure water work on the outside windows why cant u just use clean new mop on the inside with just pure water then wont have to worry about soap and streaks??? Just asking cause i dont know

pure water on the outside with a brush for agitation is step 1. step 2 uses a thorough rinse with pure water. not practical for indoors.

there are some other options for indoor pure water cleaning. check it out. http://windowcleaner.com/vBulletin/tool-talk-mark-window-cleaner/22932-video-tool-talk-mark-window-cleaner-67-unger-indoor-kit.html

so the trick is the rinse. Did not think of that

why could u not use your squeegee?

you can use your squeegee, but how is that different from squeegeeing the window w/non-pure water?

Use pure water with mop instead of soap then squeegee, and get streak free?

Squeegees won’t glide without soap

It would work for your first window, but every time you dip your mop
in the nice bucket of pure water it is less and less pure, because it will pick up
dirt off the window. You could test it out with a TDS meter checking every few
windows and see at what point the reading becomes too high.

Good point how about spray bottle pure water spray window then mop. Im just asking cause ppl semi tonnage streak problems and could help with new employed

I did a 3 story office building once cleaning all the interiors with one
of those flat floor mops with a removable terry cloth cover.
We just kept changing them out when they got a little dirty and
the windows were fine.
The windows were mostly over desks, set deep, tall, and just plain awkward and
slow and possibly messy to do with mop and squeegee on poles.
Sometimes I’ll do a small window here and there with just cloths because
it’s the easiest thing for the situation. So…whatever works, ie: the windows
are clean and the customer is happy.

What do you mean by streaks? Do you mean you don’t want to have to detail around the edges of the glass? Or do you mean you are having issues with streaks in the middle of the glass?

As a rule I find that using pure water, instead of tap water, with your soap when doing traditional work helps prevent streaks in the middle of the glass.


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Proper training will avoid streak issues

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Yes, you can use a spray bottle with your strip mop, but the same thing is going to happen, the strip mop will hold dirt from scrubbing one window to the next. Newly employed should just be taught well how to clean a window. Detailing windows will most always be a part of window cleaning, though some techniques can help minimize it like dog-earing and notching squeegees. Streaks will always be a problem for less experienced cleaners, only time will allow someone to be as “streak-free” as they can, still nobody is perfect. IMHO.

We are working on a wfp streak free indoor cleaner.