I got a call from a guy today from real estate office (could have been property management) to have me clean windows in a house that is to be moved into in a few days.
He said his company writes the check so he needs me to fill out a 1099, is that normal?

Yes…that’s quite normal when dealing with corporations

I believe a W-9 is standard as for a 1099 i was under the impression you have to make over 500.00 but…i could be wrong?

Thanks guys.

You are correct Craig. We actually got checked for them last year… It was quite the pain not having them all in place.

This is from the IRS website,regarding 1099 Misc.


Thanks so much for that info Craig. looks like a $600 minimum for a 1099. Did I read that right?

So, the job is in the morning, It should be about a $200 job. Should I not fill out the 1099?

Well…depends on how up to speed this individual is? Realistically you need to “enlighten him” to the correct procedure.Either way…that’s your call. You have to pay taxes on the money anyway,especially if its a check. Whatever he does is irrelevant keep your side of the street clean my man;)

He has 40 more houses, so maybe I’ll just tell him I would normally need to do a min of $600 to do a 1099 and see if I can get more work. As you said maybe he is just not to speed, I didn’t know there was a minimum either.

and if I do fill out the 1099 on a $200 job like he would like for me to, there is no consequence on my end correct? assuming I pay taxes of course

That’s correct! Although if he’s gonna have you do more that will exceed 600.00 then a 1099 would be in order.However…it would be wise just to relay the message as to “correct procedure” this way…it’s shows you know whats up!

Like i said you have to pay taxes on that money anyways so…better to be on the “up & up” shows professionalism & character;)

Agreed. Thanks for the help.

What’s a 1099?

Basically it’s payments made to “Independent Contractors”