Toronto Advertising Hall Of Shame

I had been sitting on the fence for a while now about whether to use lawn signs and pole signs when today I stumbled upon this web site.

I certainly don’t want to end up featured on this site.

HHHmmmmm see what you mean,
I was thinking on Bag signs as well !!!

Hey on the bright side for me, they do not report in Durham Region… roflol… :stuck_out_tongue:

Around in my area, its gettin pretty bad with these signs. They are everywhere. It is alot of clutter when you see 10 of them on a street corner. I have a ton of them that we dont set out much anymore. It looks to desperate to me. In front of someones home is the key for me. On a corner with 10 others tarnishes my image. This is just my personal view of it.

In the suburban neighborhoods I frequent… they are everywhere.

Never will I put one of those up. I asked my clients in those areas what they thought of those signs and if they ever read them.

They get angry seeing them! Ask your clients before trying this.

good point, CFP

I read an interesting column by John Phillips in my most recent Car and Driver magazine (I didn’t find it listed yet on the dot-com site) regarding John Decker of Stratham, New Hampshire (NH) entitled “Free the Sign Bandit!”

John is a 53-year-old who has been removing roadside commercial signs because of his distaste for them, and has been arrested more than once.

Legislation has been introduced in NH to “make it illegal to post commercial ads on public easements.”

Decker’s website, where one can purchase 3"x8" decals ($0.30 each) that read "LITTER! to paste on roadside signs: "

An old story:

I definitely take the side of the home owners not wanting to view these signs (litter) day in and day out. I walk into neighbourhoods that are otherwise beautiful then spot the eyesores on the corners, up the poles, etc.

At first I thought, “Hey, my competition is doing it, it must be okay.” but in the back of my mind I guess it’s never sat well with me.

May I never hear you say that again… EVER!

We use lawn signs, but as I mentioned on another post we never leave them at a customers home. We put the sign out when we get to a job and take it away when we leave. We do get quite a bit of work from lawn signs. I agree that most homeowners don’t want signs left in front of the house, however we have never had a customer say no you can’t put a sign out while you work. It not lawn signs that are bad…it’s the people who abuse them that are!!!

Yeah - I also get them to be set out after the job is done, and I actually let the homeowners throw them out whenever they get tired of them. I tell them that quite openly. Some leave them out for a week or more, others chuck 'em after a day or two.