Total rookie needs help!

Hi Folks,

I just started my window cleaning career. My sister owns a house cleaning business that mostly involves homes being prepared to be put of for sale. She was using a window cleaner who was very unprofessional. He did a horrible job and didn’t show up for scheduled appointments. I ended up running to home depot to Buy squeegee and some windex ( please don’t hold it against me) to do a job he no showed. The Realtor commented to us that those windows were the cleanest she had seen in a while.

At any rate. i have no mentor and I am looking for any type of book or video to help me do a professionall job. Also I need advice on equipment.

Thanks in advance


I’m new here also. Here’s a link:

Training material, dvd, knowledge | Buy Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

Welcome Jorge. Check out the video sections of this forum as there is a ton of great training videos in there.

Welcome Jorge. You’ll learn all you need to know here!

Welcome Jorge! I agree with Tony and Dan. Everything you need to know, can be found right here- free for the taking. A good DVD is a great idea to supliment what you learn here, but you could do just fine without it as well. There are plenty of videos and links right here.

Dig deep into the bowels of WCR. You will find answers to just about everything, and if you don’t- just ask everyone.

Thanks Fellas,

Its amazing how much info is here! I will keep the questions coming. I appreciate the support

Welcome Jorge… you may really like what you seemed to have fallen into :slight_smile:


I know Alameda CA, you can probably make a small fortune there in residential work. Go get’em kid!

Hi Jorge, welcome to WCR. This is the absolute best forum for professional window cleaners. Other forums out there usually have a bunch of spammers on there linking to sites selling diet pills etc. Not here, just a bunch of window cleaners trading knowledge, tips and humor.

Here’s a link to a really basic video on window cleaning technique. This video shows you the basic equipment setup and how to do straight pulling. You’ll want to learn how to straight pull before you get into fanning. Good luck!

window cleaning video

Maybe you could shadow somebody on here…ride along with them for a day or 2. Your direct competitors may not be comfortable with that, but someone who is maybe an hour’s drive away might be willing.

Welcome. I had been wc for years before I found this site and even w all my experiance and knowledge I probably spent at least a week on here for hours every night looking at posts and watching videos. Awsome stuff you can learn a ton off this site but nothing beats going out and doing it and makeing mistakes. they are hiuge part to the learning process. trust me you will make a bunch. If you vevr have questions just ask the guys here. Just dont start another soap war

Hi Jorge, I am new also. Several guys on the internet and on other forums recommended Unger as start-up equipment. Strong, well made, light weight tools, mostly ch


Vato, Como esta ! Bien …That’s all the spainish I know except the curse words ! Say do you speak Spanish I’m just assuming that by your name, Spanish;Jorge / English; George ! I’m just being a block head…Welcome to the forum,the same to you Met-man and Desert Tim !

Lets get cooking Yawl…


watch marks videos on “Tool Talk”.
So far I am impressed with Unger squeege’s and Ettore and Unger scrubbers. I am a rookie too.
Mark also sells a dvd which is VERY helpful!
Good Luck.

Welcome to WCR… start off at the most basic level. For your equipment it takes time to find whats best for you. If you can try other peeps stuff I would def go for it before you buy. If you can get compliments on windows with windex and a squeegee you must have something special. Holy turds theres so much to learn just thinking from the beginning. I would talk to Chris and Alex about putting together a residential kit for you.

Real estate is a great place to start too, your name will spread like wildfire.

PS: Be careful when your on roofs and using ladders :slight_smile:

ood for extra big storefront windows. Pulex makes some cool quick release handles, plus their microtiger sleeves are hard to beat. Heck, don’t be a hater - try all the good stuff out there. You’ll find what you like. But, I swear that once you go zero degrees, you don’t go back!


Thanks in advance!

Hey Jorge, hope you don’t mind me looking in on your thread, also starting from scratch.

Welcome! Practice, practice, practice…try different techniques and work with what you like best!

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