Townhouses - gold mine or waste of time?

I’ve always hated doing townhouses for the fact that it was taking time away from higher paying contracts - that being said though I thought why not launch a campaign in slow months doing townhouses? They have like 10 windows. I wouldn’t mind doing them for like 50$ per townhouse.

Problem is that I don’t want one person to sign up and then just do that person for 50$ - that would be a waste of time and gas. But also whenever I would be asked to bid for a large number of townhouses and I gave 50-60$ then I always lost the bid.

  1. Who the heck is getting these jobs and for how much?
  2. Is it profitable - should I be jealous? Or is it a big waste of precious time?

Does anyone have experience with these? I’ve been approached by both homeowners looking for their own townhouse maintenance, also ones who are collectively as a group looking for a window cleaner to do several townhouses and also by property management companies

Two options there…

  1. Contact property management about the contract as a whole.

  2. Speak with each homeowner individually and charge your minimum (not $50, think $149/$199)

Both ways work, just saturate that location this flyers 2x/month and don’t get bummed when it takes 3 months of 2x/month flyer distribution to get some work.


If I get the same price per window at a townhouse as I do at a larger residence, how
is that not profitable?

Townhomes pose many challenges , from no parking and parking faraway to jumping around or into balconies . That’s not my windows it’s my neighbor, yes I’ve cleaned the neighbors window by accident. But the worst for me is walking around a building with my big ladder to do the back . We do townhomes , but our minimum is much more than resi


Please stop charging such low prices. Do you not have minimums? If other pros are charging far more you can as well. I do not clean anyone’s home for less then 125.00 and even thats to low in my opinion.


Set YOUR minimum not THEIR minimum, if they don’t like it then bid them adieu and go find greener pastures.

I wouldn’t consider myself cheap - I charge 150 if an individual owner wants to get their townhouse done.

I think though our time is way better spent to just get the full contract and do each townhouse for less but a larger quantity… the issue though is every time I bid on a large contract it’s still to expensive so I’m not sure how much people are charging - I charge around 60$.

The other thing I hate is having to deal with the homeowners needing to be home to let us through to the back. This is the aspect that I hate the most.

For me, Townhouses start at $175. I’ve mentioned before, it usually seems like a lot of crap stuffed into a tiny box and then I have to swim through it to do my job.

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