Track Cleaning

Hey guys,
small questions about track cleaning… What methods do you guys use? Microfibre and brush? Hudson spray? Steam?Ive been using classic microfiber brush and a mini shop vac…But ive heard that the Hudson spray is good…Just looking to find the most effective and quickest method for track cleaning a resi window …whether it be sliding or double hung or whatever type window…thx

Gaia steamer/vac with some modes is the fastest most efficent way to clean with a quick single or double swipe of the microfiber after ur done. I plug mine I heats up in about 8 min steam melts anything in the tracks especially sliders. Claim the button switches to vac and vac up all the crap then a quick swipe with a microfiber to grab any remains crap. About 30 to 45 seconds per track total and they look like new. Even in the corners

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I was looking at this steamer and the model at the next level up. How long have you had it? Do you have employees using it? Seems like with all the plastic parts, employees would bust it pretty quick.

It’s holding up well. It is all plastic but I’ve only found 2 steamer vacuums and they r both plastic. We don’t beat it up as it just needs to carried from truck to house and back. But it makes track cleaning fast and like new. Plug in, let steam build, steam tracks and the corners, melts all the dirt vacuum it up quick wipe with micro fibre. Maybe 45 to 60 seconds a track and they are like brand new. No dirt jammed in the corners that u can’t get out and customers love it they are always asking questions about it. And it adds value. I’m averaging $35 to $45 per house extra

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Have you looked at other non-window applications with that steamer? I bet there a lot of other upsell opportunities in a house for that thing while you are on a window cleaning job.

No. I just bought it for track cleaning. I honestly couldn’t think of an add on with it that would make me $100 + per hour. More often than not I get “while you’ve got ur steamer out”. Which is code for waste ur time and do it for FREE. To which I reply I don’t have any other attachments for it and everything is epoxyed on so I don’t lose the parts. That shut them up.

Good point. I doubt a homeowner would want to pay you $100 to clean their oven or nasty crud around the kid’s toilet (I always blame that stuff on the kids).