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Hey Guys, New to the forum but been reading alot, I guess this service could be considered an add-on… I just got into this avenue of part time service… I was cleaning a store front in the country & a tractor operator asked if I could do his Tractor windows… I said I’ll try & give it my best shot! lol. Wow some type of chemical on the back glass or dried calcium or something, could just be hard water… Well he said he tried everything… So I went up there one evening took me a long time however I did wound up with a solution… which would help me quicker next time. I did 2 tractors for him & trying to convince him to let me do all 3 of them on a monthly or bi-monthly basis… So If any of you guys live in the Country check by with some of the local farmers with Big tractors/windows & just to see as an additional service… I’m actually gonna try driving around in the country just to try…


What was your solution?

Remember I’m new to this lol. Well after reading the top corner Hard Tempered Glass I figured no razor, after trying every thing even Hydro chloric acid the window looked good as long it was wet but when dried the hazy film came back, took me entirely too long but I had to try everything, so what finally worked was Unger Rub Out on a 0000 steel under a car waxer/buffer… talking about nervous on breaking the glass I was careful as I could be & turned out Great, I just gotta figure out a way to get between those hinges because that’s where the haze still is… wish I could take that window off & lay it on a table without the hinges but I dunno. He said it looked a whole lot better, but mentioned the hinges but wasn’t too worried about it… Ima go check again see what I can do for the gentleman.

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Here is the Original Before & after view to the original tractor that his operator tried every thing 1st. the 2nd pic is where I finished it…

2 more pics of the 2nd tractor… I didn’t get a before shot on it… I should have but wasn’t as bad as the first.

I told him they are not perfect but they are better than they were… he agreed.

Now that you have a solution in mind, how long do you estimate it would take you to do inside and out?
Can I please use your before and afters? I’m in a huge rural area and that could be a great add on for me

I can’t see people paying for it, I guess for me I have a $100 minimum charge, I can’t see any of my neighbors paying me to clean their tractor windows.

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Yea, I was thinking it would have to be outside of the normal minimum, such as a filler to finish out the day with?

As long as you don’t live in South Georgia you can use them lol… Whew tuff question, I have NEVER done this before, I’m always slow on the 1st job no matter what it is, took me a week or 2 to do my first Transmission refreshen in my Buick Grand National lol.(Never done that before either)… I really wish it was a Liquid solution I could just pour on the windows & that film would wash right off I’d be ahead of the game. From what I’ve seen on his tractors I’m sure others will have the same problem… biggest,is the Back (which the operator will look behind him when plowing etc.) I would jump on that 1st say (30min.) watch the hinges & corners as you may have to repeat… next hardest is the Front.(25min) More surface area, may have to buff the direct view & under that Dang windshield wiper… sides aren’t too bad, say 10 with light buff ea. side… Inside with hand scrubbing 0000, I didn’t see a need to buff (electric) I’d say 5 min a side with the front 10 or 15 pending on size tractor, all sizes are different the 2nd 1 was large… I’d say 1.5hrs maybe if things line up your way…It’s really a $45 job to me although my 1st & I wanted the experience I charged him $35 ea. If he let me do it bi monthly, no buffing I can do those windows $20-$25 in 45 min. inside & out. If I hump it. This is just for small accounts guys I’m trying to get my feet wet. & I will hopefully get faster,& charge more lol. What I really need is a mini Car buffer/waxer, mines too big. Farmers got the money-- they just have to come off of it. lol Just explain to them wouldn’t you like to have clean windows so that they can see that they do a good job…

Also Morris if you do go out & offer prices come back & let me know how they respond to higher prices… I may feel out some the same way… Also don’t promise you will get them looking a 100% just tell them you will get them looking 80% better than they are now. :wink:

This guy used Fantastic & Windex with no results

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