Trad - Girl ON A REAL JOB


very cool , glad to see things coming along for you two!

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thanks Luke, looking positive for the future

Very cool Pete!! Congrats looks like you guys will be rocking!

Hey Pete how do you spell your wife’s name?

thanks! her name is Carlie

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Carlie welcome to the window cleaning industry! :slight_smile:

Hey if you ever need any good tips on how clean windows the right way check out @TheWindowCleanse YouTube channel, Jordie has some great tips and check out @Luke and @K1ttenpantz you tube channel to, they are a slick team! :slight_smile:

@Trad-Man love your very well thought out advice and tips on your channel! :wink:

(You know I’m just giving you a hard time Pete!):sunglasses:


haha :wink:

She appreciates all the nice comments :slight_smile:

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