Trailer or Topper for truck?

Need to upgrade my business vehicle/storage. Going back and forth if I get a topper for my truck or a 6 x 12 trailer and get it lettered. The trailer would be a rolling billboard but more than twice the cost. Anyone else faced with this decision?

Do you do other work besides window cleaning? Can’t see a need for a trailer if it’s just window cleaning.
I have a Tacoma with a topper with compartments on each side of it as well as a Decked drawer system in the bed. Window cleaning only.

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Just window cleaning so far. Might get into power washing or gutters. Windows has kept me plenty busy as it’s a part time gig. Thanks for the reply

Do you like your decked system? I’ve been looking at that as well.

yes, like it a lot. Totally waterproof too so
it can be used without a topper and stuff stays dry.

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Trailers are an absolute pain in the neck. Don’t upgrade to one unless you really have the need for it. Keeping your setup compact and streamlined will make every day easier.

We’ve been using camper shells for the last 10 years , love them . We only do windows

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