Trailer Setup

Hi all-my cargo trailer finally arrived and I though ya’ll might be interested. It is a 6x10 made by Sharp Manufacturing. After looking at several brands, this one is by far the best value and quality the money could buy. Inside, all the ladders, equipment and screen repair works fit great. The only thing missing is the WFP setup which I hope to order at some point in the future. On the outside, I had a ladder rack manufactured by a local welder and it holds the 20 and 24 footer great. The 28’ will fit too, but it doesn’t see much use. I thought about a cargo van, or a topper for the pickup, but neither vehicle would fit in the garage with the ladders on the roof, and since the gas mileage on the truck was already crummy, what is another 2mpg less towing the trailer. Time to add a diesel F250 to the fleet!

Here are a couple more pics too.

Nice squeegee handle idea - keeps the blades nice & clean.

It’s looks super nice. Very clean an organized! I like how the squeegees look like a trophy showroom. The screen making bench, I take it, is pretty slick, too.

Personally, I think it’s a bit excessive for WFP and window cleaning work - unless that’s all you do and it will make your life much easier. I’m able to keep my filter, poles and ladders (which are used on every job type) on my truck. I use a 6’x10’ trailer as my storage unit. I had it for my roof wash setup, but the roads here make driving and parking a trailer a nightmare - it just wasn’t worth the headache to drive around!

I know some companies that would rather drive a large box moving truck instead of hauling a trailer! Since I did get a bigger truck, and I’m not that big of a guy, moving and lifting my pressure washer is tough. I’m thinking of converting my storage unit in to a pw trailer setup that can hold 2 pressure washers, 2 surface cleaners and a 150 gal tank easily - plus all the other service goodies. …

I’m not trying to burst your bubble, but if you haven’t used such a trailer before, it might not be that fun. :slight_smile:

Looks like you either do a lot of 60" screen doors or just pull all from one large role. I have had a 60" role of screen for years and I have only used it once.

Nice setup Josh

I’m diggin it! Great job!

Very nice set up. I like the screen table a lot. Looks like you put a lot of thought into it. I have been thinking about the best way to get a table to the job rather than taking the screens home and coming back later and trying to coordinate with other jobs in the area. I am working out of a pick up and it works great for most day to day. I am looking to make a change and the trailer seems like the cheapest and most versatile choice. Everyone around here, landscapers, contractors, pressure washers and even a few window cleaners, use trailers. I like the fact that I can hook it up to any vehicle and still go to work even if my truck breaks down. My wife’s, SUV will pull it. My only employee (right now) can pull it with his truck.

Thanks all for the feedback. The trailer certainly can be a PITA in terms of parking, but I can think of only a small handful of customers where this will apply. It made the most sense after having to deal with a rental vehicle a while back, not having to worry about what to bring to jobs, and knowing I can do my add-on services without having to run back home and grab xyz. Most of my customers are 15-20 miles away and it made sense to be prepared for everything. Windshield time is no fun.

Its is actually a 48" roll. We have a ton of hail storms here and do tend to do a lot of screen doors. I have a folding 6ft table to work on for those-the screen table is too small.

Thanks-one of my customers thought it was a fully stocked gun rack the first time he saw it! That was back when I had it mounted in my pickup.

Nice trailer! I also have a 6x10 but it is set up for any and all types of pressure cleaning
and will also set up my roof cleaning equip in there next spring when I start offering those services.

I am going to get it wrapped this winter. It is a moving billboard than for me. Many of my
customers think it is very impressive when my crew pulls up with a nice truck and lettered up
trailer. Plus I have everything mounted in it. So no pulling the pressure washer out, just the hoses
off the hose reels.

I am very glad I made that purchase this last off-season. It has paid for itself many times over. Plus
you appear more professional than a guy who pulls up and has to take everything out of the trailer
and clutter the yard before they get working.