Trailer WFP Setup Build Questions

So it has come time for us to build a WFP setup where we have the ability to haul our own water. Basically, the water has high potential of being bad quality in rural areas so this has become our fall back solution. Plus, having a trailer will help on large multi-building accounts.

I wanted to ask what the real world experience has been with RO membranes. I keep going back and forth with the Axeon HF5 membranes and wanted to see what the difference is between the 2540 and the 4040. I know size and GPD are different, but how much of an impact would there be on the job when using one over the other? Is the main difference potential life expectancy?

Well, for a reference, here are the flow rates between the two.

2.5” = 6 gpm
4” = 14 gpm

those are not the flow rates.
the 4040 produces approx .5 gpm with 180 ppm water in at 65 psi.

Sorry, I meant max feed rates. The numbers I used were according to their website.

from that link:
200394 HF5 – 4040 80 / 5.52 2,500 / 9,463.53 98.50
2500 gallons (1.736gpm) at 80 psi and 77 degree water.
most municipal water will colder and less pressure which will reduce output likely to around .5 to.7 or just over half a gallon per minute.

Warranty Evaluation Test Conditions: Permeate flow and salt rejection based on the following test conditions – 550 ppm, filtered and dechlorinated municipal tap water, 77°F / 25°C, 15% recovery and the specified operating pressure. Minimum salt rejection is 96%. Permeate flows for warranty evaluation may vary +/-20%. Maximum pressure drop at 13 psig / 0.9 bar.