Hey Tony,
I like this BOAB that holds your squeegees. Where did you get it?

It’s a Winspray bucket pouch 3. Unfortunately I think Alex said they can’t get any because Winspray is out of business. The only place I know that has any left is Windows 101. Unless Alex found some. Alex?

But the belly has been worked on for years :smiley:
3 or four years ago I bought one that leaked like a civ
"Sorry about your carpet, MAAM! May I offer you a discount?


No sir. I haven’t run across Winspray stuff in quite a while.

For Batman maybe! :smiley:

That’s Mr. Batman, if you please.:wink:

I think I still have a couple of those with the tags still on them.

Winspray had some coold stuff. I was a fan of the “silencers” and I had this “gizmo bag” that I loved too, It was a great gym bag until it stolen out of my truck.

Depends on how much glass you are doing, if you have a long row and never stop, naturally it will wear out quickly. If you have rough edges on the frames (wooden frames, for instance) it could wear out in no time at all. The type of rubber makes a diference. Ettore rubbers are expensive, but they are soft and last longer. I use a Sorbo channel, and I like the rubbers, but they wear out quickly and are expensive.

Tony is that new school because you need a sherpa and a donkey for all that stuff?

I used to do construction and carried about 3 times as much stuff (weight wise) on that belt.

So that hips of steel video is paying off for you. :slight_smile:

You betcha!:wink:

is this post about streaks any more?

what leaves streaks for me are straight edges of rubber so i just cut them on an angle real close to the metal
i was using soft rubber unger for some reason and it lasts only 2 windows top lol
ettore original seems to last the longest

i noticed the picture of squeegee pouch thingy, doesn’t it leak?
belt bucket works great i dont know why have anything else

I have heard of guys doing this notch thing on their rubber. How does this prevent streaking. I have never cut my rubber and dont streak is this just a personal preference.

when i insert and adjust the rubber it sticks out too much and it doesn’t have as much pressure on it as the rubber directly under the channel so i just cut it close to the edge of the channel, it comes out on an angle because my scissors cant get close enough lol
but it works real good for me

How about them Blackhawks?

I haven’t had any leaking from this pouch. It is a plastic interior w/ a fabric cover. Winspray used to make a pouch for strip washers the same way.


Blackhawks don’t leave streaks!:smiley: