Transit Van Setup

Can anyone share their pics of their transit van setup, if you have one? I am picking one up in October and will be getting it fully setup and ready to go for March. I have already purchased an Ettore Aquaclean system for it that will be mounted with a pump to run two poles. What i am really interested in is shelving layout. I really want to use this van as a template for all of the vehicles i purchase in the future and to make sure my 2nd location gets started out with a fully setup transit van once I’ve got the first one dialed in at HQ. My idea is that the van should basically be a rolling shop with enough storage to carry any and all wfp replacement parts needed and a small amount of all supplies that are used on a daily basis, strip washers, rubber, booties, etc.

Thanks guys.

Not a transit , but shelving pics might help.

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Nice. Thanks for that.

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A transit connect, or the new full size transit van?


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I’m headed to a Ford dealership tomorrow to check out the transit connects. Anyone have any interior pictures of there set up?

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Call the fleet / internet dept at the dealer ship before going. You’ll get a better deal . Trust me

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Thread Resurrection!

Anyone have photos of the interior layout of their Transit Vans? Photos of any van interiors are welcome, but we just bought a low roof Transit 250 and are brainstorming ideas for the layout.

My main issue is how to store a set of stack ladders conveniently. I had the thought of getting some short van shelves, and hanging the ladders above them on the side.

Not a picture but useful.