Tree sap (glue) cleaning 2nd floor windows

Hi everybody, I had a real problem trying to clean a windows with tree sap or something like that (maybe glue from the frame or sealer) with the wfp pure water, since it is on the 2nd floor I couldn’t do anything, so any advice how to do it or what to use to clean that?..thanks!

Hate to point this out, but “…since it is on the 2nd floor I couldn’t do anything…”

Right tool for the right job my Dad used to always say.

Break out the ladder and nose to glass to get the job done.


That’s what I would do… however, a guy could also break out his 18’ extension pole with scraper on the end or a doodlebug with scrubby pad and/or with 0000 steel wool layered on top.

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I think ladder would be faster since it needs detailing to get right?

If you don’t mind ladders that would be the key. Otherwise I have unrolled a pad of 0000 steel wool and used a chem with it. Then soap and squeegee. If it is tree sap even alcohol will work. Use alcohol first then soap and squeegee. If it is a brick/concrete sealer you are working with another animal. Then it will take a much more powerful solvent. One that is also water miscible with a rather slow evaporation rate. It needs to hang while you rub and wait until you soap and squeegee. Can also add a 100 micron plastic particle, urea or acrylic. Steel wool works fine most of the time. This is going to be the topic of the August issue of the Product Development Review. Orange Power.

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Thanks for all your recommendations, I appreciated your help.


My husband and I are newbies, I was wondering if any of you have tried distilled vinegar on sap and if so what results you had?