Triangle windows-how to pole

Just wondering what the best method to clean these type windows with a pole was. I just picked up this house and cleaned last week and have a possible 2nd with exact same type only higher. Tried using pole, but hard to get into that top tight corner.
What special attachments would be best for my Ettore pole, and best method for squeeging.

No WFP, only traditional cleaning at this time.


Ladder up.:slight_smile:

Wagtail baybe!!!
I have done a few like these second story with a pole and wagtail.
WAY safer and easier than lugging a ladder around!!!
Works wonders!!!

Swivel squeegee, straight pulls from shortest side first… Cake, baby. No need for anything fancy, hell I could pole that with my good old standard squeegee


… I use an ettore mop handle that swivels which makes wetting up those corners easy. I also use
an ettore squeegee handle that swivels which makes it easier.

I have the 0 degree swivel, but that wasn’t cutting it. Will be purchasing the swivel that has angle. Ended up lattering, just wanting an idea for the other house, due to obstacles and landscape. Thanks for info.

… The ettore squeegee handle I have swivels AND does 0 degree. Very handy tool.

I would use the Wagtail PC on those now although before I saw the light I had a couple of houses with windows exactly like these and I used the zero degree Unger swivel on them with no issues whatsoever…

don’t be a pole jockey. it should be your last resort. stick with the ladder method. if you need to get creative with your ladder setup, so-be-it. there are ways to make just about any setup safe. the level of quality is so much higher when you can look straight through the glass.

I have a hard time taking window cleaners who rely heavily on poles seriously… just my .02 cents.

OK, here’s my 02 cents worth. I’ve just had a look at your site. (Excellent by the way). I’m a kiwi and using ladders to the height you do in some of your photos is illegal in NZ. 2 storeys and ‘officially’ we are required to have someone supporting the bottom of the ladder. Above two storey not allowed…Therefore WFP or ‘lift’ or ‘drop’ with appropriate permits applied and paid for. Therefore I use the most appropriate and efficient method depending on access and terrain. Poles, WFP, and yes even ladders…but in the photo at the commencement of this thread I see absolutely no reason why a good pole, swivel squeegee and detailing cloth wouldn’t do the job just as efficiently, probably quicker and with less take down time than breaking out the ladders that I have on the roof of my vehicle.

The second house is a new large log home with windows 3 stories high, homeowner kind of cringed at the fact of a ladder on the inside of his house, I think there was some concern over scratching the brand new hardwood floor. Which leads me to a 2nd question-does anyone put some kind of protective matting down that protects floor and won’t slip.

Did a house not long ago using ladder and traditional old school methods.

i get all of the above. some guys are really skilled with a pole and can do work a lot quicker than with a ladder. but there’s just no way to be sure the glass is perfect unless you can look at it head-on after cleaning. so, if it’s an option, and top quality results are necessary, i say always use a ladder. the only exception would be if you know the history of the job (ie., you’ve been doing it quarterly for a year and are confident a wfp or pole work will be sufficient).

as you said, sometimes it’s simply not an option. under those circumstances i would go wfp, and then pole with a wagtail. in that order.

To protect the floor I use a rubber backed floor rug with a tight weave on the carpet. Like the kind you would find in front of a sink.

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Those ladder mitts can be used on the feet as well :wink:
I also use ladder stabilizers with rubber feet as well.

Wagtail… Willie will probably have a video somewhere how to do it… write to him…