Trick out your gutter spoon

So I was cleanin some gutters the other day with my black gutter spoon and thought it would be nice if it had some teeth to dig into oak leaves. Went to the truck and put 3 self tapping sheet metal screws(2 faced down and one up when in use) 1/2" long the kind for reattaching downspouts through the spoon and it worked really well, will post pic soon. Took two minutes to do and probably saved two minutes every ladder jump.

That reminds me of a girl I used to date.

Sounds like an awesome mod… Post up a pick man!

Here are a few pics.

That’s a dirty, vicious spoon !
I digg it :slight_smile:

I was thinking of a spork…or is it a foon?

Great idea!

I have a gutter job today. I’ll give it try.

Here is what I made 8 years ago and would really dig in to wet leaves and pull them rather then slipping over most and only getting a few. I was thinking of grinding teeth into tje new spoon but I was using it in the rain one day and couldn’t wait and I had the stuff in the truck to do it this way.

Now that’s a weapon. :eek:

It’s just a small garden rake duct taped to a fiberglass chimney brush rod actually.