Tricky skylights with pollution and concrete runoff

I’ve been asked to quote on 9 skylight windows of a commercial building. Three problems.

  1. The windows can only be accessed from above, meaning that I’ll have to pole them above the window down. I’ll be on the roof, the windows slope down the front of the building.

  2. Lots of pollution stains and concrete runoff. If I use a strong chemical, I won’t be able to affectively rinse off the frames and the rest of the building.

  3. This building is close to the street and has high pedestrian traffic so I can’t use tonnes of water either.

The person I’m submitting the bid to has given me some good work this year, I’d hate to have to pass.

Besides scraping/scrubbing, what chemical or cleaning agent would least likely cause any damage to the frames or the rest of the building?

  1. No problem - although you couldn’t use a modular pole unless the sections clamp.
  2. GG4 + porcupine works for me - followed by an angled Triumph if the angle is difficult. Check if glass is tempered or otherwise, but still thow in the waiver.
  3. You will use minimum water if you follow on from directions above & wfp after.

Do you have any photos? And how high above the skylights are you?

Forgot the camera the day i looked at them.

I would be about 4 feet above the top of the skylight. It’s next to impossible to get it from laddering. You’d need at least a 40ft ladder to reach it from the ground. That would put you close to the bottom of the skylights, but still you’d be setting it up on a very busy street. It’s right in the entertainment district in Toronto. Loads of pedestrian traffic.

I think I’m gonna pass on this one. Too many headaches.