Triumph Z40 (UK Triumph 2000) - Snapping Ends On Stainless Steel Blades

Anyone out there having problems with snapping blades (especially on the ends) on the retractable Triumph Z40? Getting a bit sick of it, seems like they’ve made them more brittle or thinner than normal. Is it just the stainless steel that snaps or are the cheaper carbon steel blades just as brittle? I know the carbon steel is a little thicker, but anyone having snapping end probs on these?

I’m seriously thinking of dropping Triumph altogether, only the retractable bit I love. I love the new Unger scrapers, if only they would make them retractable so I didn’t need a holster for every tool!

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I have a feeling that the Z40 presents the blade a touch too far - hence the snapping.

I usually edge out the window if I’m using a 6" razor. 9 times out of 10, I only break it out if there’s paint overspray, which usually means the detail work around the glass is also in need of a touch up. I’ve only broken 2 edges, though my work-partner keeps busting them up and cutting his forearm because the plastic part of the retractable protector is worn out. The carbon steel blades rust during the day, so I switched to stainless. I haven’t had too many issues, but I’m not smashing the blade into the glass, or cutting edges with the blade corners…

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…Yes I snap the corners too…or bend them. I have to be super careful (slow), so I go fast and deal with breakage.
Happens with their regular holder too, not just z40. The heavier
carbon steel don’t have that problem, but they rust quickly, I use them mostly on c.c.

Wow your right I always had that problem with the triumphs. I never put it together it was a defect in there design. Because ever since I have been using the ninja scraper I don’t have that issue anymore. INTERESTING!!!

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I think it’s aggro-factor. The blades are super thin, but also very sharp and consistent…

I’ve had the Triumph stainless blades rust as well, so I’m guessing the carbon will be rusted within a couple of days if you use them once & a few days later - the blades gone?
I never used to have the snapping problem unless I dropped the scraper, now they seem to ping off into the abyss for no reason - which is a dangerous proposition when working inside houses with kids/dogs/bare feet/eyes.

So my only choice is Triumph make a thicker blade that doesn’t rust or Unger step up & make a retractable blade.

Or… is there a generic non-rust blade that fits Triumphs & can fill that defective void?

The carbon blades will rust within a day or two, but they’re great if you’ve got some really heavy scraping to do, like cleaning up kids’ Halloween-painted windows.

As far as breaking, I only see that happen when they get dropped. All my cleaners use the Triumph retractables, and I change out the blades for them. They are rarely bent or broken, so I feel like it may be more the way you’re using it as opposed to a design flaw.

… I am sure that the way I use them (roughly) doesn’t help their longevity [I]AND [/I]I agree with Karl that they seem thinner / more brittle these days.

The carbon steel are 0.2mm & the stainless 0.15mm. I never had this problem 10 years a go, so I’m guessing that it may be an alloy & has changed to make it weaker, maybe more zinc or aluminum, that is… if it is a composite?