Troubleshooting my Xero Pure

I tried back flushing my Xero pure and while I was doing that I noticed that the tds wasn’t changing by much. I followed the how to video instructions posted by Stevo. I decided to take a look at the resin which I was going to change out. So I did a solo DI run and the tds didn’t change. I swapped the resin out for new resin and the same thing happened. No change in tds. What am I doing wrong? What could be the problem? Any help you guys can give would be great, thanks!

Try another TDS meter.

I did that. The tds meter wasn’t the problem. They both have the same readings

Doesn’t make sense, TDS should have changed with new resin.

Does it matter which side is up when you put the di white tube Into the Grey housing?


DI cartridge may be upside down, check the carbon filter for clogs (aka change it out)

How do I know what side is up? Should the cap be facing up or down? I’m running my system right now. The tds from the house is 240. I can only get it down to 11. I have fresh out of the box resin in it. I also have a new carbon filter in it too.

the di cartridge has an arrow on it indicating flow direction.

11 should be fine to clean with, was the resin allowed to dry out, if so its probably toast.

To my knowledge the resin wasn’t dried out. It seemed to have moisture to it when I was putting it into the tube. I flipped the tube so the cap was on the bottom and that seemed to help a bit. It went from 13 to 8 and eventually 6 which is great. But I do miss the days when I only got zero tds all the time from this machine. I’m going to try using the di only feature soon with the tube as it is to see if I can get 0 tds from a starting point of 90 tds.

I’m wondering though, how low could you get your tds if you only used the ro membrane? I’m wondering if I’ve had my resin in wrong this year and that’s why it’s been wonky and perhaps it’s been soloing on the Ro.

With those membranes the first minute or 2 you don’t want it running thru the DI until after the tds is under 20 imo, I get my RO down to 4-11.
When I first plug in the hose the tds reading is 60+ and it comes down, If you run that thru your small DI it will burn a lot faster than if you wait to connect the DI until the RO is at its lowest reading.

Not sure how the Xero pure is set up from the factory. But after the DI you should be at 000, a small DI canister polishing off >20ppm should last over 6 months with daily usage, I would unplug the DI and just run RO and see how low you get, sounds like you may not have the DI around the incorrect way and its not filtering.
With the small DI units I would not use them solo at all RO will do 97% of the work, depending on mineral content you may not have to run DI and still not get spotting, especially if you have 3+L/min over a rinse bar.

I never thought to let the RO run for a bit before connecting it to the DI. That’s a great idea. I just ran the RO only and it went from 95 to 3. I ran it through the Di as well after that and it stayed at 3. So I think this whole year I’ve been running on RO only. I still can’t figure out why my DI isn’t working though. I’ve tried it with the resin housing flipped both ways and I’ve tried it with new resin too.

The principle or most water filtration is pretty basic water needs to flow into the outer part of the filter then is pushed into the central part of the filter, in a DI there is a riser which prevents the beads of resin from being expelled.
I would suggest you take a close look at the DI canister make sure you have the flow the correct way and resin installed to the manufactures specifications.