Truck bed efficiency

Hi all,
I bought a fiberglass canopy for my work truck. I’d like to put up some kind of fastener on the inside of the fiberglass to utilize my space but I don’t know what to use. I’d like to fasten a tube of some sort to put my WFP inside to keep it protected from banging around. Any ideas welcome

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Thats what i use to mount WFPS to the ceiling of my van and it works well…

I know one of the difficulties or things that might make you hesitant is drilling through the shell just to mount things inside. One thought though is to mount Yakima or Thule tracks on the roof. You will end up with two rows of several bolts down both sides of the inside of the shell. My bed is only 5ft so it isn’t easy to mount a pole the way I would like. I have D-rings bolted to the roof (with the track bolts) and just ran a bungee between a couple of them. Once you have those bolts in the roof you can build off of that (like mount those cool clamps that Boss posted the link for).

Here are a couple of pics just to kinda show my set-up.